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What's So Great About Gatsby? (1 Viewer)


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Before I start ranting I would like to say that I am not actually saying that The Great Gatsby is a bad book, in fact I love this book. I do not understand however what is so great about the character of Gatsby himself. No one seems to like him (except for Nick and his father) and his attempts at seizing Daisy seem to be very foolish. I also thought that maybe Gatsby was using Nick to get to Daisy and that Gatsby was not actually trying to befriend him because he liked Nick. Although I did feel sorry for him that no one attended his funeral that does not change my opinion that Gatsby was not that great of a guy. Can anyone comment on this?


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I think he was pretty great. You have Gatsby, who made his way to the top by being a criminal, but he treats people civilly and is faithful to the woman he loves.

Then you have Tom, who made his way to the top legally, but is racist, sexist, unfaithful, and not very bright.

Then the ironic twist! Gatsby is killed for Daisy's murder -- Gatsby takes the blame for something that was, ultimately, Tom's fault.


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What? Daisy wasn't murdered. It was that other girl, who tom was banging. I read the book and saw the movie: Daisy was alive at the end in both. :confused:

However, Gatsby was a pretty cool guy. Though, I don't think the book is titled that way because he actually was great. As you read the book, you might recognize that all the characters gossip about, and are in awe of the mysterious figure known as gatsby. I get the impression that gatsby is great as the rumors suggest, maybe not because he actually was great. Does that make sense?