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Over the past few weeks, there's been a lot of talk surrounding both WF's Grand Invitational Poetry Challenge and NaPoWriMo, and for the eagle-eyed among us, most will have noticed this logo attached to each event:


For international members not in the know, April 2016 is US National Poetry Month, and the concept and logo were established in 1966 by the Academy of American Poets. To help show WF's deep love of poets and the work they create, we've arranged a whole month of various events and challenges to help celebrate and recognize everything they do. And that means wholehearted participation from Writing Forums in US National Poetry Month, by hosting a mass of events that include the likes of WF's Grand Invitational Poetry Challenge and NaPoWriMo.

It's only right here that a full explanation of National Poetry Month comes from the Academy of American Poets themselves, and on that note:

What is National Poetry Month?
National Poetry Month is the largest literary celebration in the world, with tens of millions of readers, students, K-12 teachers, librarians, booksellers, literary events curators, publishers, bloggers, and, of course, poets marking poetry’s important place in our culture and our lives every April.
National Poetry Month, FAQ

To also promote and respect Fair Usage, please follow the National Poetry Month FAQ link for a full explanation on just how and why April came to be National Poetry Month in the US.

What does this mean for Writing Forums?

Basically -- A whole mommafeasting month of fun, games, and prizes!!

Throughout April we're going to be hosting a number of events that everyone can jump right into. From Exploraform and Poem in Your Pocket, to NaPoWriMo and WF's Grand Invitational Poetry Challenge (2016), every week is going to highlight and play with the full diversity and durability that is poetic form and function (and maybe, just maybe -- make a few poets sweat with all the challenges, judging, and deadlines taking place). There's going to be something for everyone!

What's in store?

We've broken April down into weekly events, each with a little description, each with a link -- each hoping to give you a multitude of activities to get involved with:

Week 1:
And celebrating the official opening of National Poetry Month:

April 1st: Official opening of the Grand Invitational Poetry Challenge. We're going Spaces Unseen for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th places in the GIP Challenge! Hosted by Pip and HarperCole, details found -Here-
April 1st: It's also the official Opening of NaPoWriMo. 30 poems in 30 days? Hosted by astroannie, see here for details: -What is NaPoWriMo-
April 3rd: Poet Interview with talented WF poet JenthePen. Hosted by Pip, over at -Author Interviews-
April 4th: Exploraform. Exploring poetic form and getting creative with different poetic techniques!Hosted by amsawtell, over at -Poetry Discussion-

Week 2

April 11th: Exploraform. More on form and function!
April 12th: Author Interview with lovely WF poet RHPeat: Hosted by Pip, over at -Author Interviews-
April 14th: Submission for the Grand Invitational Poetry Challenge closes.
April 14th April: Poem in Your Pocket day. You don't need to be a poet to tell us about your favorite poem. Check out The Lounge this day to get all the deets as we discuss our favorite poems, preparing for the big day, and sharing them with each other! Hosted by am_hammy.

Week 3

April 15th: People's Choice Award poll opens for everyone to vote on entries into the Grand Invitational Challenge! Supporting fellow poets! Hosted by PiP & HarperCole.
April 15th: Continuation of NaPoWriMo: nearly there!!!
April 18th: Exploraform
April 21st: Poem in Your Pocket day

Week 4

April 22nd: Guest interview with Diane Lockwood. Come check out our Featured Guest Interview forum for an intimate interview with accomplished poet, Diane! Hosted by am_hammy.
April 22nd: Continuation of NaPoWriMo
April 25th: Exploraform

Week 5: May -- the Results!

May 1st: NaPoWriMo duration winners announced. Medals Awarded!
May 2nd: Grand Invitational Poetry Challenge, and People's Choice Award Results.

April's promising to keep the most prolific poets busy, and WF's most prolific members offering water and shouts of encouragement as poets put their best forms forward!

In celebration of US:

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Okayyyyyyyyyy, this just came to me. I haven't even seen it on the thread (like at all. Nothing. Not even a word. Maybe I'm blind? It's just not a common thread.). I am willing to host an event in April. I am not sure when, but I am intrigued to host something. I will let you know before April 1st.

Has anyone ever heard (or even tried) Blackout Poetry? I tried it out a few months ago before I came here. I am surprised nothing has surfaced. Well, here I am! I am willing to introduce a session of Blackout Poetry. I think it would be a little too much if it were a weekly event. It requires something previously written, like an article or book, to be marked up to something new. I could be wrong. Some people might have time. I might even throw a poll up somewhere. Yeah, you know what. I'll do that. If there's interest, I'll be up for the responsibility.

Yours truly,

Charmin' Ultra.

(I got you covered.)


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How are you enjoying National Poetry Month celebrations WF style?

Here are today's teasers...

Have you read author interview with Jennifer Christie Temple (WF member jenthepen)? What a talented lady~! Check out her interview < here >

What about the challenging NaPWriMo Challenge? Could you write 30 poems in 30 days? How are our poets doing so far? Check out there progress < here >



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I will be going through magazines today on my day off from work. I'll be taking some photos, uploading them and incorporating them in a Blackout / Found Poetry session. ALSO, I have some great surprises coming for next week! The staff aren't even in on this! :)
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Hello WF family.
I haven't forgotten about the discussion for poem in your pocket. Just gotta take care of some things this morning so stay tuned!

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