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Whats are you reading (1 Viewer)



What are you currently reading (must be non fiction)

As of now, I'am only reading two books. I lost my other one :shock:

1. The Social Contruction of Reality: A treatise in the sociology of knowledge by Peter L. Berger.
2. Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies by Jared Diamond.


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Right now I am slogging my way through Essentials of English: Fifth Edition, HTML 4 For Dummies, and Writing the Short Story: A Hands-On Program by Jack M. Bickham.



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Reversing Diabetes: Discover the Natural Way to Take Control of Type 2 Diabetes by Dr. Don colbert.

I finally managed to read it. If anyone has questions ask. But it gives diabetes books a run for their money. It has a diet plan. A what foods can you eat guide, and what you can't eat. Inflammation, and allergies, prediabetes, insulin resistance, metabolism, how to lose weight with a damaged metabolism, Hypothyroidism, managing stress, eating out at restaurants, glycemic index, what foods are low in sugar and process slowly, types of diet that exist such as the Mediterranean diet, vitamins to take, what to avoid and eat, aging, omega 3 versus omega 6, immune system diseases, reversing diabetes with insulin resistance,losing weight, and more.
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An Unquiet Mind by Kay Redfield Jamison - The harrowing, and enlightening, autobiography of a Professor of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins, who suffers from manic-depression.


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Listening to The Sleepwalkers: How Europe Went to War in 1914. This is a practically soporifically detailed account of politics and diplomacy in the decades before WWI. The arrangement of less-aligned nationalist powers and supra-nationalist terrorist organizations bears considerable likeness to present time. What is interesting is seeing the trivial details of daily political news leading to, in hindsight, catastrophic teleological result.
Mere Christianity, though not in order, and kind of by accident. I'll just pick it up somewhere, get pulled in by something clever in the prose, and then I can't stop. There's just something very satisfying about sound, clearheaded argument. There's also a lot of very useful models for explaining mysterious things.

I've also been reading some of Lewis's essays on stories.


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'English Journey' by J.B. Priestley. The description of a journey took place in the year 1933. Highly recommended reading!


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Winston Churchill's History of WWII. I am half way through the final volume and it has been an excellent read.


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Dato, Can I assume book is not just well written historical facts, but full of Churchill’s personal perspective? That would be of interest to me.


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Would you believe it?
I'm at chapter four and at this point the main character wants to be a writer.
I just got interested.

Terry D

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Just finished Tales of Ten Worlds, by Arthur C Clarke and The Outsider, by Stephen King. I've picked up Dan Simmons', Black Hills once again and am determined to finish it.


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The Eye of the World (audio) by Robert Jordan

Such a good series! But so long and time consuming. I only made it about half way through.

I am currently reading 'Learning How to Bow' by Bruce Fieler. It's an American writing his impressions of Japanese culture as he spends a year there teaching.


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Dear EmpWriter,
Have heard the complete series on audio after having
been ensnared by the TV series which remained true
to the books. The visuals are captivating.


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Some people have a funny definiyion of non-fiction. Am currently reading Schlesinger's 'Age of Jackson' which shows that sometimes non-fiction doesn't mean true.