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What to charge for Ghostwriting services.... (1 Viewer)

Hi! Ok, so there's this gentleman in my community that needs some ghostwriting services for his book. I've never done this and I don't even begin to know what to charge. I'm currently doing some proofreading/editing for another local (new) author and I'm charging her $10/chapter (which I've come to realize is WAY too low, as I'm basically having to rewrite what she's written- formatting is all wrong, grammar, etc.). So, I'm wondering what I should be charging for ghostwriting services- from the way he's talking about the project, I'll pretty much be rewriting what he's writing, making it more readable. Please help!! :)


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Well, I have read of ghostwriters charging as much as $10,000 ! About 10 years ago my mom contacted a ghostwriter and he was asking $5,000


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Matters your skill level and also your name. I don't know you and therefore I can't speak on either. I can say that if you were new I would not pay you 5000 for the service; but if you have a name built you can start negotiations at a number you think is fair.


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Agree with Skodt - skill and reputation matter.

There's also a difference between ghost-writing and editing - and it sounds more like you'd be editing for this fellow.


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Agree ^^. If he's got chapters, start to finish, then what you're doing is editing. If he just has notes and anecdotes then you'll be ghost-writing. Ask him to send you the first chapter to look over, this will give you a better idea of how many hours you will need to put in to bring it up to a credible standard. You could also offer to do the first chapter at a fixed price to see if he likes it and/or if you are the right person for the job. It will give both of you the opportunity to try things out before you jump in to a contract. After that either work out a fixed price or an hourly rate based on how many hours you put in to the first chapter and/or how many hours he's prepared to pay for.