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What song are you listening to? (4 Viewers)


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In the time I typed this,

"Goodnight Moon" by Shivaree

ended, and,

"Katie want's a fast one" by Steve Wariner


Both great songs, I suggest you download them.
"Mischief Managed" From the Harry Potter soundtrack. A twelve minute mix of all the songs. It's great, I love John Williams.

Up next: Some Harry Connick Jr. Swing


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Praetorian said:
Manheim is awesome!

Agreed. I listen to the entire Fresh Aire series, along with many, many other albums from Mannheim Steamroller, all the time. I find it incredibly helps my writing.

Knife in back

I am listining to 'In the shadows' by The Rasmus, and a couple of songs from the band As I lay dying.


Overkill-"Evil Never Dies"

Pantera-"Yesterday Don't Mean Shit"