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What should I do? (1 Viewer)

Olly Buckle

So I have made all these YouTube videos, there are 35 at the moment, but I am still finding stuff to add. How do I market them? And do I need to do things to them?

I have made a facebook page they are copied to, and mentioned them on my local village facebook page, are there other places on facebook I could legitimately advertise the page? If there are, how would I find them.

I can find lots of sites that list audio books and stories but I can't find how to get on to them. Maybe it is my search techniques, but every avenue I follow seems to simply end up with them offering to me and no way of contacting them, any advice?

I picked up a bunch of views and a few subscribers after an interview on a Radio Sussex chat show, suppose I could try Radio Kent. I think in terms of my local radio because they are interested in me as a local, but there must be others. I would be happy for them to replay something if I got a plug for the rest. There must be people wanting content somewhere.

If I were mobile I might try free notice boards places like the food co-op, but I am stuck at home, I also live on a small fixed pension, so the idea of spending any money is out, but suggestions gratefully received and considered, as specific as you like.

From the point of view of doing things to them, they are recorded in single takes, unedited. That means the occasional stumble or slight interruption, if it is too bad I start again, but to me they feel more personal that way than they would edited and perfected. There is also the fact that they are in no sort of order, simply the order I felt like reading them, and some are very different from others. I don't know how I would go about classifying them, or if it is worth it, of the people I know who subscribe a couple say they love having random things coming up on their phone.
Any opinions or suggestions on this?

Anyway here is a link to all 35 so far (Two got duplicated accidentally)
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I would try to post links to your individual vids on other social media where your target audiences hangs out. For example, if you have a vid that professionals would find informative, post a link to it on LinkedIn. If you have a vid that young people might find entertaining, post it on Twitter. As far as FB groups, yes you should also post links to it as long as those particular FB groups allow you to post links to your vids (check the rules of each FB group before doing so). I usually just do a search in FB for groups. I do the same for groups in LI. Good luck!


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Send an e-mail to Radio Sussex, and plus Radio 3 and 4 'society' type programming....

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