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What is the standard process going the traditional route (from initial contact to contract and them getting started? (1 Viewer)


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Hello, sorry, it's me again :/

I am absolutely clueless as what steps are involved before a publishing house gets started with a client, I would love to save myself the embarrassment in front of them :D

What is the standard chronological process going the traditional route (from initial contact to contract and them getting started?

If I have caused any confusion I will be more than happy to elaborate

Thank you once again 🙏🙏


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There are several authors on YouTube who talk all about the process - you’d just search something like publishing a novel or getting an agent, or some variation.

This is my understanding of the bigger points: write query letter for your completed manuscript, hopefully get an agent to ask for your full manuscript, hopefully they like it and take you as a client (and you agree to their contract for things like their commission rates), they work with you to ready your work for editing houses, hopefully one of them likes your work and offers a deal, then contracts about the book deal come in to play. then more revisions, then all the steps building to published novel.