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What genre is my novel? (1 Viewer)


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Go onto Amazon and check out as many of the novels that are similar to yours as you can. What is their category? Make a list of their categories. You will find that they have at least three categories listed. They are your genre-plus. Keep that list. If you publish indie, KDP will let you list your book under 10 different categories. Oh, they will only allow you 2 when you publish, but you can get them to add more categories later. It gives your novel a much better exposure. I do this all the time now.


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On Amazon, books are often listed in multiple categories. Primarily, your novel sounds like a Thriller, beneath that there are sub-genres - Financial, Technological, Business, Political. On Amazon all those sub-genres will be listed as keywords in your advertising.

IMO, an agency is only interested in the most general genre so they can steer your work to an agent that specializes in that genre.

Good and evil (characters) are just a matter of perspective. Often, what's bad for one person is good for another. Conflict occurs when one person's good is competing with another person's good. Polarized characters, like Dudly Doright and Snidely Whiplash, don't exist in the real world - people are more complex than that.