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What are your writing goals for 2021? (1 Viewer)

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I'm curious to know how many of you have annual writing goal that you try to achieve, or end up surpassing. I know we don't all
think of it as an annual thing, but there is something to be said about setting goals. Even though 2020 has been a complete disaster
for most of us (got my ass kicked by the universe), I managed to crush my writing goals through all of the other insanity.

2020's writing goals:

> Get one short story or novella accepted by a publisher (accomplished)
> Write at least 10 new short stories and/or novellas (accomplished, exceeded)
> Write 4 new memoirs (accomplished)
> Make more new writing friends and expand my circle (accomplished)

Before anyone says anything, I am not pumping out stories/novellas just for the sake of it. The 10+ manuscripts that I managed
to finish this year were planned, with several more popping up at random. My writing goals for 2021 are as follows:

> Get two short stories or novellas accepted by a publisher
> Write at least 12 new short stories and/or novellas
> Write 4 more new memoirs
> Start a new fictional series
> Finally write a crossover epic between a couple of my universes
> Continue to make new writing friends and such

I'd love to hear what everyone else sees as their writing goals for 2021!


Pamelyn Casto

WF Veterans
This year truly was a fine year for me, as far as getting my work published goes. The rest of the year has been awful.

Accomplishments for 2020:

January 2020: I got an essay published.

Feb. 2020: I got an essay and a haibun published. I also had a poem accepted by Gargoyle (which will be published any day now).

March 2020: I got two prose poems published.

April 2020: I got a short-short and an essay published.

May 2020: I got an essay and a prose poem published.

June 2020: I got an essay published

July 2020: I got four essays re-published, and got two new essays published.

August 2020: My short story was a finalist in a contest. I got two essays published and my prose poetry recommendations list was published.

Sept. 2020: I got an essay published, got one essay re-published, got a poem published, and a community poem on Covid-19 was published (which was composed of a single line by over two hundred people around the world).

October 2020: I got an essay published, got two essays re-published, and got my first chapbook published (Flash Fiction: A Primer).

November 2020: I won first place for one of my poems and got two essays re-published.

Goals for 2021:

1. I dislike marketing so I plan on making myself do more of it.

2. I plan on revising several poems and stories and getting them sent to markets (or entered in contests).

3. I also plan on getting a poetry chapbook or a poetry collection published-- I can't decide which one I'll try for.

3. Maybe, just maybe, this will also be the year I get a new book on flash fiction published (someone's interested). Right now part of it is in the editing hands of our own Clark Cook (who is a terrific editor).

I hope you all have a wonderful and productive 2021.


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I'm working on a series of short stories (novelettes) which tie together in a braided novel. In 2021 I'd like to:
  1. Complete four first drafts
  2. Bring 3 of the current drafts up to publication quality
  3. Start the series as a web novel

On top of that I'd like to get more work critiqued and submit shorter stories for publication.


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Keep working on my WIP...I'm not the best with timelines, so just re-immersing myself in the process would be nice. Whether I finish it next year or not isn't so big a worry. Maybe get on the publication grind finally as well now that I've adequately convinced myself I won't be doing it for recognition. Oh, and find a new writing gig...the one I have now is soul crushing.

Olly Buckle

I shall continue putting shorts up to my YouTube channel and start looking to get into podcasting with longer stuff, it has possibilities because it is possible to download, so if you were driving to Scotland to visit Barnard's castle for example you could listen on the way.

There are also other things I am thinking of for podcasts, in terms of ones about writing, storytelling and possibly poetry, I have one written up. Main problem with this is I have to get into editing software, my short stories I record in a single take and simply restart if there is a problem, but I don't have the stamina for long reads.
Follow up some ways of advertising my stories.

I would like to put myself about if we get past this covid thing. I would like to explore traditional storytelling more for a start, could be a nice way to get into festivals for free during the summer and I wouldn't mind visiting prisons and schools, both to tell stories and talk about writing, that could be interesting.


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2019 - To finish and publish first book

Result: Finished, yes. Didn't publish.

2020 - To polish and publish

Result: Polished, yes, though still aiming for more. Thinking it's pointless to go for traditional publishing, especially in Covid situation.

2021 plan: I don't know... I love my work. It's lacking. It's hard to improve without once again breaking the roots. But I want to get it out there through other means.


WF Veterans
To publish 3 short stories in the professional markets of my favorite genre. I am trying to get published in some semi-pro magazines so that I am taken seriously. But first I am trying to develop skills in short story writing. I have been using the hemingway app to make sure people don't lose their patience reading my sentences because they might be too complex. They might run out of breath. I recommend that application which is free to you Olly Buckle. It will lead to less revision.


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I got an early start on my 2021 writing goals by starting a memoir last night. Decided that now was as good a time as any to begin. I hope to have it done before Christmas.



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I want to be like James Patterson and have TV commercials for all my novels. Well, not just have commercials, be IN the TV commercials -- like he does it. And I'd probably sing some kind of jingle.
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