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What are you reading now? (2 Viewers)


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Since one of the characters in my book is a James Bond wannabe, and he read all the original Iain Flemming books, I thought I would too for research and insight. So I started on Casino Royale last week.

To say those first 30 pages are a slog is an understatement.

First, I get treated to a few pages of unrelenting gambling terms that only the UK Gambler's Association will understand (I kid you not, it's basically Bond listing all the types of gambling plays he used at various games in the Casino. No explanations, no hand-holding, no easing you into it... nothing. For 80-90% of all readers, it will come off like a couple of pages of gobbledygook.
Then, you get M's file on LeChiffre just printed verbatim in its 3-4 pages of jargon and waffle.

Amongst all that you have Bond explaining all his business transactions to get the money through Jamaica or his handler to enable him to gamble.

Don't get me wrong, I was -not- expecting a Bond movie or action. I went in knowing the books were very different.
What kept me going through the drudgery opening was what I was hoping for : one brief moment of Bond showing his neat spy tricks - to make sure his room wasn't searched. Like the fact he slept with a hand under the pillow holding his gun because he was fearful. That was what I was hoping for. Unfortunately, that was 1-2 pages of the first 30.

THANKFULLY, now I'm onto Mathis and Lynd, and it's a lot better. But boy, Iain Flemming clearly wrote the book he wanted and didn't give a tinkers toss about putting people off his book at the beginning. If someone wrote it like that today, it would get totally panned by customer reviewers. I think it's only shielded because its a classically well known book.

Fingers crossed it keeps with the upward trend.


I just finished "The Midnight Bargain" by C. L. Polk. I bought it for two reasons: One, it's up for a Lotus award for Best Fantasy Novel, and two, because I saw someone on Twitter describe it as "Pokémon . . . except Jane Austin."

That's a pretty apt description of it. Also, it's a pretty stellar book.


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I'm Reading Harry Potter and the chambers of mystery. I've wanted to read the whole series for a long time but didn't actually start until recently. The plan is to read the whole series before this year is over.

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