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What are you having for dinner? (1 Viewer)


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Is that through choice or is there no food in the supermarkets?

well, we have a limited selection to shop from... but, I am eating Doritos because I am out of Peanut M&M's... ;).... I have other stuff to eat, but I don't feel like cooking.... ok, i'm lyin'.... I am having Doritos because I am addicted to them... I even put them in my Tomato soup instead of crackers... yummy... and they are wonderful with Chocolate Cherry ice cream....


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Or, "fun size." WTF is so "fun" about receiving far less than the regular size?! The marketing industry needs its collective head waterboarded in the toilet. Hrmph.....

"Fun Size". Ha ha. How could anybody possibly have fun with a bag of three M&M's? All brown ones, yet.

A few years ago, Tree Ripe (easily the WORST brand of orange juice available) came out with a new kind of packaging. They called it the "easy pour'' size. Same price, same juice (unfortunately), but this new "easy pour" size was taller than the old cartons, and (surprise!) it was only 48 ounces of product compared to the standard 54 ounce hard to pour size.

So for the same price, you got the same crappy juice in a new carton that was too tall to fit on most of the shelves in your refrigerator.


Fish Tacos. Not my all-time favorite, but despite using horrible words like: "Yummo, Delish" and etc, Rachel Ray has a perfect recipe with honey, hot sauce, lime juice, creme fraiche, mango chutney and steak seasoning.



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I have some variation of this veg soft taco dinner about once a week because it's so quick and easy. The trick is the seasoning on the beans, which flavors the whole thing. Either a taco seasoning packet or what I used tonight, canned chili beans (already seasoned). Also, these include pre-cooked quinoa that came in individual serving size (we can't find dried beans, rice, etc. lately). And chopped lettuce, tomato and green onion. I use whole wheat tortillas for the extra nutrition when I can find them and very flexible with the other toppings. For ex, corn, avocado, rice, cilantro, olives, cabbage, lime wedges, etc. Or use potatoes instead of tortillas. If anyone is here who wants it, I put some shredded cheese, meat etc. out, too.

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Microwaved potatoes with fresh chopped toppings. I really like these yellow potatoes, Yukon Golds or whatever other names they go by. They seem buttered, without the butter.


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Planning salmon and roasted potatoes, grilled asparagus and a salad. If I'm really good I'm going to make a faux ice cream with aquafaba, that'll be an experiment.

I guess I'd better stop struggling with poetry and get down there and cook!

Olly Buckle

We had spicy bean burgers with salad. Our favoured 'Good life' burgers used to be everywhere, but only seem to be in a couple of shops now :(



I mean...okay, we had Easy Worknight Rotini but the really important part was the Chocolate Chip Everything Cookies I made after.

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