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What are y'all doing for Halloween? (1 Viewer)


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This must be an inspirational time for those of you who write horror. I have to admit I had a dark inspiration myself, with the immersion of the seasonal color palette.

What are y'all doing for Halloween?
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Day off, so the first half will be spent staring at a story I'd like to finish. Possibly doing more than staring at it, unclear still.

The second half will be spent with family watching spooky movies. The best of the 80's, Halloween, Child's Play original, etc...


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Finishing a proofread and annotation of a fellow author's scholarly treatise on the Heinlein Juveniles. :) I questioned his theory that Tunnel in the Sky was intended as a refutation of Golding's adolescent social dynamics in Lord of the Flies, and gave him a couple of pointers on Citizen of the Galaxy. Otherwise, it's mostly pointing out typos.

I had put this on the back burner for a while, since he didn't respond to the last set of notes I sent him, so I wondered if he was even using them. Then tonight I get an email asking if I had any more, and he's in the last stages of Final Drafting. Since I committed to do this, suddenly I need to drop everything else and finish it. Luckily I'd already done almost half the book.


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We don't do Halloween here in this country, but I hope you all enjoy yourselves :)
My husband is from, England. They do things quite differently for Halloween there than here in Canada. He stills wonders why we dress our kids up in costumes and send them out into the dark to beg for candy from strangers...lol!

I have to make him go into his den and close the door when I open the front door to the trick or treaters. It's funny how when you grow up with it, it all seems perfectly normal. :)