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What a Day: Homework Overload! (2 Viewers)


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I was talking with my father about two weeks ago. We discussed many things, but as we were driving to a hebdomadal study group, the topic was school. I have two studyhall periods in the morning, and since my father teaches a class there, we have to arrive an hour before anything even starts, so that's three hours to finish work. I spent that entire time working on homework that I didn't have time to do during the week, and didn't even finish! Anyway, that rant is for another time; the point is that the teachers hand out so much homework as though Thursdays (the day of the co-op) is the only time we do school. There's a flaw here, and I think you can guess. I still have school every other day, and get homework for that too, so I don't have three to four hours to complete philosophy class alone, and then another several hours for the other classes plus my daily work. Wait, I lie! There's time...if one stays up into the late hours of the night to finish working. One did so. One had a long day. One's brain did not function properly at school the next day. At least one is not failing or falling asleep in class.

Now hold your horses, I hear the comments already: "There are starving children in Africa!" "You should be grateful you even have an education!" Yes, yes. If my education could feed the children in Africa, I would not be complaining, but my education does not feed the children in Africa.

So let's get to the point of this post. If you're still reading, I applaud you.

My father jumped on the band wagon and began to recount stories of his childhood; he said that when he was a kid, children only got occasional homework. When they did get homework, it wasn't much, so they would finish school for the day and come home, hop on their bikes, and go play for the remainder of the evening. See, they had this wonderful thing called a childhood. "What is a childhood?" you may be asking. Well, pet, it is when children...make memories and spend Christopher Robin time around the neighborhood.

These days, students only have a summer childhood. The only time to make memories is during the summer, and the winter memories consist of class, homework, and crying themselves to sleep at night. Isn't that wonderful? We can only pity the future generations, for the textbooks are simply growing thicker.

The point of this silly post is the call attention to the fact that a result of this much work is stress at an early age, increased numbers of children with anxiety, depression, and other disorders. If these kids want to learn even more, they can do so independently as adults. There will always be books and there will always be college courses for people to take if they want to pursue knowledge further.

For two years I struggled with all manner of breakdowns, but it apparently wasn't consistent enough to be diagnosed as anxiety, so instead the doctor said that there was too much stress. How can we fix this? Decrease stress. The task is rather challenging when the cause of stress is all the homework!

Fear doesn't stand in one spot, so not only did I break down every time I had to complete certain tasks, but I was a mess in public and I couldn't swallow a pain killer for horrible head aches because I was afraid. If I got injured, I thought I would have to lose the limb. The worse case scenarios came to mind from the silliest things. This wasn't all school's fault, but the work load really wasn't helping. I couldn't sleep at night, I felt guilty relaxing for just a few minutes, and everything was going south. I quit a few classes and went to counseling, and things are better; not perfect, but better.

But it's starting again. Classes are growing more intense and people are saying, "That's just life. I'm taking college classes along with this and I'm fine blah blah, blah blah blah, blah," but should that really be just life? There are all these expectations and it's crushing to try and reach even a few of them. I'm having occasional break downs and keep a journal, but this is still a problem for other people.

Really, I just wanted to rant. So thank you for reading this life story about staying up until 2:00 A.M. or whatever and struggling through class. Yes, sleep deprivation is a cause for emotional instability, but I more frequently turn in my homework late rather than pull all night studies. You don't retain much that way. Something has to be done. Again, thank you for reading. Have a great day or night!


Financial Supporter
first off,
please permit me to apologize on behalf of all
entities existing in all time constructs;
concrete, abstract, surreal, theoretical, et al. inf.

i applaud you and your peers
for every breath you take,
for every dream you refuse to surrender,
for every absurd spirit eroding influence
you endure.

i believe you capable of creating and sustaining
a life experience glorious beyond the wildest
imaginations of all that have come before you
and i trust you with both that power
and responsibility.

i support you in your efforts to redefine
"reasonable", "humane", "quality-of-life",
"greater-good", "small-earth", etc.

i disagree strongly with
shamer-blamer-pleasure-power externals
attempting to derail/subdue
anyone/thing refusing to pay tribute
up to and including subself-destruction.
it is possible to respect something/one
disagree within current context.
this does not have to be verbalised.

i believe in you.
remember to believe in yourself.
humble is not humiliated.
wisdom knows it does not know everything all-the-time.
revitalizing sleep is necessary.
remember to connect with your beauty,
in whatever form(s) it takes.
remember to connect with the positive focus
of those that celebrate you.
:) m

Jack of all trades

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You have my sympathy! Not that it will help much!

There is WAY too much emphasis on homework nowadays. Kindergarten kids have homework. It's supposed to prepare one for later in life, I believe, but it causes burnout.

I wish I had practical advice for you. Since I don't, I offer my best wishes instead. May your journey get easier.