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WF's NFFD Challenge Results (1 Viewer)


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The winner of the 100 words WF NFFD Challenge is

happy cheers GIF by Red Bull


1st Place: Mosquito Dream by Sigma Dog

2nd Neglect - Jenthepen @jenthepen

Joint 3rd Stubborn Life by Foxee @Foxee and Bears and Ants by Pip
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Cool! I guess this makes official what most of my neighbors suspected: I'm a flasher.

'Suspecting' to 'confirming' is a pretty short journey there. Back to the kennel, Sigmadog.

Thanks for the votes! Congrats to anyone and everyone who participated. Microfiction is a tough gig, no doubt about that! So satisfying to read, though. I'm amazed when I read each little piece that is so brief but so complete that once I've finished reading I feel like I've just read a whole novel or seen a whole movie.

This was a challenge I nearly gave up on. Thank you, Jen, for giving me some encouraging words even though I'm the competition. That was super nice of you.

Thank you, SueC and PiP for shepherding the challenge. Had to have been like herding caffeinated marmots sometimes.


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I'm late to the party- congrats to Sigma, Jen Foxy and Pip- excellant work on a short hook. kudos to sigma for a real funny slap kicking piece. All these shorts were well done some better then others but all quite good. I enjoyed this hope to see more...
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