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WF Members Published on Flashes -November 2020 (1 Viewer)


Staff member
Flashes receives numerous outside and WF member
submissions. We've set the bar high which means very few pieces are accepted. It therefore gives me great pleasure to promote the following WF member poetry and fiction published on Flashes during November.

Please take a moment to read the following and support Flashes.

Anton Poetry: -⍳T- by Percy Anton


Fiction: The Storm at the Gates of Twilight by N.C. Krueger


Poetry: Marooned by Cindy Adame


100-word Flash Fiction: In a Straight Line by Darren White


100-Word Flash Fiction: Killers by T.L.Murphy

Pamelyn Casto

WF Veterans
Congratulations to all those who wrote and published flash fiction. Congratulations especially to T.L. Murphy and Darren White since I've worked with both of you and you feel like friends.

You know what else would promote your writing and would promote Flashes too? Sending me a publishing news notice to use in my monthly FlashFictionFlash newsletter (where I include markets, contests, publishing news for flash literature (flash fiction, sudden fiction, haibun, prose poetry, short-short plays, flash memoirs and flash creative nonfiction).

That would put your name and piece before a large group of people and it would promote Flashes as well. I'd need it to be sent like this:

JOHN JONES published his flash fiction, Up the Chimney, in the latest issue of Smoke and Fire http://smokeandfire.com (a made up link).

or JOHN JONES' flash fiction, Up The Chimney, will be published in the next issue of Smoke and Fire http://smokeandfire.com

(Your name in capital letters, the title of your piece, the name of the publication, and a link to it.)

I've promoted Flashes many times; sometimes in the market section and sometimes in my section about my own publications (Flashes once did an interview with me about flash fiction). In my signature you'll see how you can subscribe to my newsletter (it's free) and I hope you remember to send me your flash literature publishing news.