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Hi guys. I'm excited for my next few posts on WF. I really like the way supporting members of the community, even those who've been actively involved for quite a while, are helping out the newer members of this site. I've participated in discussion boards with my college creative writing class, and have, so far, enjoyed the experience. I hope this will translate well here! One thing that amazes me is the sort of involvement people are willing to commit themselves toward another person, especially if they feel like they can genuinely help them with an awkward passage, or a passage that stumps them. I'm relieved, honestly, that there's this sort of community involvement in a world that seems so hectic offline. I also appreciate all the hard work everybody has put in. Take a look at my posts and I'll see you on the discussion boards! (A personal fact: purple prose irks me; my goal is to write as clear as possible. Anything you can add to this would be awesome :wink: )


Welcome, Ike. Good to see you around the forums, getting to know your 'neighbors' and letting them get to know you.

WF is a neat place—a community with genuine community spirit. It's also very much a give and take place, as you've likely already noticed. Good on you!


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Welcome, Ike, and I love your post! Take it from another newbie, I love the way you talk about us, and I feel the same way you do about everyone here, I see what you see! :)

If there's anything we can help you with just go ahead and ask. I'll be glad to do what I can.