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WF Author Interview - with TL Murphy (1 Viewer)

I interviewed senior poetry mentor TL Murphy on the occasion of the publication of his book Up Cape Fear.

You are invited to read the interview on Flashes

Below a small part of the interview, to bring you in the right mood.

Cape Fear.JPG

Where to buy Up Cape Fear

Website: https://tlmurphypoetry.wordpress.com/

What was the inspiration behind 'Up Cape Fear'?

The Cape Fear is a river that flows from central North Carolina, south to the port of Wilmington, North Carolina. The river is named after the treacherous barrier island of the Outer Banks just off the coast. Wilmington is the only navigable port in North Carolina because of the Outer Banks and the Great Dismal Swamp to the north that cover the rest of North Carolina’s coast line. All the land that forms the drainage into the Cape Fear is called the Cape Fear River Basin.

I lived much of my youth near the headwaters of the Cape Fear and my dad had grown up in a small town about 30 miles inland from its mouth at Wilmington. Thus “Up Cape Fear”.

The collection is poems that centre on my early childhood in North Carolina. While the state is a diverse culture of tobacco farming, mountain culture, leading Universities, evangelist bible belt and deep south Jim Crow. My dad grew up in the Bible belt, Deep South, Jim Crow part. The culture there was distinctly different than the college towns at the headwaters of the Cape Fear. All the poems in the collection centre around my need to make sense of those contrasts and contradictions that I experienced in early childhood and adolescence and the residue of those years that has followed me into adulthood.

Read the entire interview HERE
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