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Welcome to the Monkey House (1 Viewer)

A. Night

I don't know if anyone has heard of Kurt Vonnegut, but he wrote these series of short stories in this collection called Welcome to the Monkey House. I was just wondering if anyone knows what else has he written and your opinion of his work.


Senior Member
Night, KV is well known around these parts. There's a book review of one of his books, Breakfast of Champions, in the review section. Some of his works:

Slaughter-House Five - Trippy anti-war epic blending sci-fi with sharp satire. Highly recommended and likely one of his best.

Cat's Cradle - Midgets, quirky farcical religions, the end of the world, this baby has it all and is my favorite KV book.

Breakfast of Champions - Cute little drawings and Vonnegut's unique style made this a best seller back in the day. Still a cult classic and a fun spin on narration.

He's also written a bunch of other works, but I've never read them. How are you finding his short fiction?

A. Night

It's pretty awesome. He's able to merge from different concepts flawlessly and in Welcome to the Monkeyhouse, I liked how he put on an angsty romance story of his. It was hilarious.