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Weirdest speculative fiction? (1 Viewer)


Reading a lot of Theodore Sturgeon has led me to ask the question, what's some of the weirdest or most unique (bust still decent) speculative fiction / fantasy / sci-fi that's out there? Technically Sturgeon used mostly well-known ideas, such as a man getting three wishes, gaining the ability to see ghosts, contacting an intelligence that lives in the fourth dimension, etc., but he often managed to tell his stories in a profoundly weird way. Aside from him, my slight knowledge doesn't lend me many examples, except for perhaps I Have no Mouth and I Must Scream.

simon woodhouse

Senior Member
H.P. Lovecraft fits this description for me. I've only recently started reading his stuff, but it's easily the creepiest/weirdest writing I've come across. But it's also excellent.