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Weird research (1 Viewer)


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What strange things have you learned while doing research for your novel(s)?

men are 4x more likely to developing stuttering than women.
women are faster to recognize emotions in facial expressions than men.
theoretical physicists speculate that our universe is curved.


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What strange things have you learned while doing research for your novel(s)?

and short/flash/micros?
'cuz that's where the foundations begin for this-un.

one area i'm swimming thru is epigenetics.
i think the whole nature-nurture thing is approaching some resolution(s).
*avoids including common responses encountered*
*during inquiry and/or discussion(s)*

excellent topic, btw.
imo, i mean.
*preps for appt(S)*


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The point I get stuck on is friction.

That's over my head.

I'm stuck on a lot of simple things:
Where do missing sox go? Why does my wife need 100 pairs of shoes when she only has 2 feet?
How much wood can a wood-chuck chuck, if a wood-chuck could chuck wood?

For my next book, Redemption, I researched what nuclear bombs exploded in orbit would look like from the earth.


That it is believed that the Mycenaean Hercules visited Canada possibly during the 15th century BC to revitalize the Greek population established there to mine copper from Lake Superior.