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Weaver's Wisdom (1 Viewer)


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Weaver's Wisdom

You dwell at the junction
a place of merging planes
you, so small, so dark
utterly disparaged, reviled

Quietly, with innate grace
you weave your web
a myraid of silken thread
soft and oddly strong

Safe in the junction
that finite corner
little more than a hum
in the cacophony
that is the greater world

unscathed, yet mindful
even as a giant roars
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Glass rabbit moment...noticed a tiny brown spider while I was vacuuming the other day. It made me consider the perspective of the spider's view of the vacuum, that level of noise, the sheer size of it. The congruity between that spider and those of us who wish to pass through our realities unnoticed it immense. Those on social media platform screaming for attention, trying to roar louder than the guy next to them, as noisy and obnoxious as the vacuum is to the spider.
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