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"Weary Man Is Baffled By The Length Of New Cell Phone Cord" (1 Viewer)


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Rochester, NY- William "Bill" O'Lading claims to be a trendy and tech-savvy suburbanite who frequently orders electronic gadgets online. We interviewed Bill at his home in Rochester and found him perplexed by an item he recently purchased.

O'Lading stood with a confused look on his face as he was seen slowly manipulating his new 24 inch (2 feet/.60 meter) phone power cord. He told us that his old cord measured in at a, “copious 11-12 inches.”

“I have no idea why any company would consider manufacturing a cell phone cord this long. The standard 12 inch cords sent by my cell phone company; already seemed a bit superfluous to me, but this 24 inch cord just feels down right frivolous and redundant.”

O'Lading also told us he had no idea what he might do with all that extra cord. “Maybe I could roll it up and tie it back or something, but I don’t believe I have the resources nor the logistics needed to accomplish that with any measurable degree of accuracy.”

Shortly after our interview, Bill was seen comfortably hunching over talking on his phone that was plugged into the wall using his old 12 inch cord. Seconds before losing his balance, he abruptly stood up resulting in the cord ripping from both the wall and the phone as he hopped around attempting to steady himself. O’Lading was last seen with what some described as a “grimace” on his face as the front door slammed close.

At press time we learned that Bill returned the 24 inch cord to the store stating the extra 12 inches had become, “quite the liability” in his house.