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We all love Shakespeare right? (1 Viewer)


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I have to keep arguing with people I know about how great Shakespeare is. Very few people I know really appreciate His genius you know. When I went to Gordon Ramsay (the restaurant) for my birthday earlier this year with my family we talked about Shakespeare for half the time we were there. Those who don't like Shakespeare are a bunch of philistines.


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Personally, I love Shakespeare's works. But I have never read them for myself. I have seen plays and things of that sort.


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Well I think you are missing out hugely here. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Shakespeare is probably better read and studied than watched. This is only because there are so many god awful productions out there - I recently saw the Olivier production of King Lear, and good god it was terrible, the only redeeming feature was a flame haired Jeremy Kemp play Cornwall - best damn thing in there (steely blue eyes as well). I think it was Harold Bloom (bloody great critic) who said that he had never seen a production of The Two Noble Kinsmen nor did he ever wish to.


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Hamlet is the only one of Shakespeare's works that I like. Not that I have anything against Shakespeare, mind you; I recognize his genius and innovation, it's just that he doesn't appeal to me...


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kinetickyle said:
Not that I have anything against Shakespeare, mind you; I recognize his genius and innovation, it's just that he doesn't appeal to me...

I agree. His writing can be learned from, and I have, but I am not a fanatic of all of his work.


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I thought his most read is Romeo and Juliet?

I enjoyed his popular work (of course): Romeo and Juliet (of course), 12th Night, Turning of the Shrew, Merchant of Venice, McBeth... I'm still thinking about Comedy of Errors.


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I would also say that Romeo and Juliet is his most read work . . . I know that it's required reading for the schools around me at least sometime through high school . . .

Myself, I don't like reading Shakespeare, though I do enjoy watching it. To date, I've seen Measure for Measure and The Taming of the Shrew, both of which I just loved.


Stop it, stop it, already, you're all too kind . . . Oh, you mean the other one.

Yeah, he's good too. His imagery and turns of phrase are unmatched in the English language, you ask me. Historically speaking, he was perhaps the first to deliver multi-dimensional characters. (I suspect he was inspired in this by reading his contemporary, Montaigne.)

An irony of history: the poetry is what was considered serious lit in his day, not so much the plays.


Okay, first, can I just say this:

"Shakespeare in Love" was total crap.

Okay, that off my chest, I have to agree with godisthyname - Shakespeare did things with the language that have yet to be matched. Absolutely brilliant.

And if you dig Shakespeare and haven't read "Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead" by Tom Stoppard, drop what you're doing right now and go read it. Doubly brilliant. Check out the film with Gary Oldman and Tim Roth too. Great.

The Admiral

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Shakespeare is one of my favorite authors (and my favorite poet). Reading his works will do wonders for a writer trying to write any type of poetry.


Not only poetry...

Agreed. And I think reading Shakespeare can inspire and teach anyone writing any sort of story, not just poetry.


Shakespeare was most definitely an incredibly gifted poet and wordsmith--"Sonnet LXXXVII" *sigh*

My personal favorite has always been Julius Caesar.

Kimberly Bird

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Remember when reading his poetry, much of his work was for his male lover. So if you want to annylize it, keep that in mind.

personally i love shakespeare. when i was about 6 my mother took me to the globe theatre and we saw a play but i cant remember which one it was, i think a midsummer nights dream. ever since then ive been totally hooked on shakespeare and love his works. i have to say that the best thing ever is actually standing in the peasant's area (lol yes im just a mere peasant damn it) at the globe and watching a play. man your feet ache by the end of 4 hours but its certainly worth it. the atmosphere is wonderful and it almost takes you back to the tudor times. anyone else here been to see one of his plays at the globe theatre?