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Ways To Help or improve You Write Better (1 Viewer)

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What Consume Your Mind, Controls Your Life...

1. Imagine yourself writing:

Imagine Yourself Writing. if you can imagine it, you can achieve it.
if you can dream it, you can become it

2. Remind yourself the REASON why you're writing:

Don't write, because other people said so.
Don't write, because you heard it's a useful skill.
Don't write, just because you want to say something.
Write, because you genuinely enjoy it.

3. Commit to a daily goal:

100 words. 1 paragraph. 20 minutes. 1 draft.
Whatever daily goal you set, COMMIT to it. No whining. No postponing. NO
If you're going to make excuses, lower the numbers until you can.

4. Listen to music that fits your writing:

Music kicks our mood for practically everything -
from dinner dates at home to workouts. Yes, even writing.

And it's especially effective if you're writing an emotional piece.
Just don't choose songs that have lyrics in your native tongue, because
that'll distract you.

SO KEEP WRITING :D@ johnwilliams


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I can write in quiet, but when I play music while I'm writing, I typically go for classic jazz (50s and 60s), classical by good symphonies and name conductors, big band albums, classical guitar (Segovia), and I love Chet Atkins ... probably the best guitar artist ever. I also play several other styles of instrumental music. However, there is one modern artist I also like to play while writing ... Laura Sullivan. She composes scientifically constructed music for relaxation that is ALSO very interesting. She's a virtuoso pianist (her performance of Clair de Lune is up there with the best ever), and includes other performers on instruments like flute, oboe, and cello on selected tracks. She has music on Prime and Spotify, but I just buy everything she releases. I used her music to help supercharge me through a tough section of my latest novel, and thanked her for that on her Facebook page. She appreciated the nod. :)

bazz cargo

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I write therefore I am.

Mostly I write in silence. When I do want some music it will predominately be early electronica. Tomita or Jarre or Jean Luc Ponty etc.

Sometimes a song will inspire me and that will end up on a loop for a while.

Write on...
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