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Way out of my comfort zone... (2 Viewers)



Idon't know why but I'm actually pretty nervous about this. I feel like the new kid having to stand up infront of the whole class introducing themselves.


I am a healthcare worker and this last year I had no freetime to speak of. It feels as if I practically went to work, stayed for some overtime, went home and slept (if I was lucky) and repeated the whole process the next day. My artistic side was sadly neglected and the fantasy novel that I began writing in late 2019 has been collecting dust in my Google drive.

I have now regained my freetime (mostly) and I find myself opening up my laptop to tap those keys again. Sadly I feel lost and unsure of where to start, so I thought I would look for a place where I could find that inspiration again and hopefully; like-minded people to interact and exchange ideas with. And that is what brought me here.


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You have come to the right place! You will find lots of great discussions and inspiration here.

Thank you for all your good work as a healthcare provider. I have a similar situation to you, although not a healthcare worker. I also started writing a novel in 2019. I was scheduled to have it complete by now, but was pulled out of retirement to help the government with administering the Covid relief benefits. My hours may not be quite as grueling as yours were, but I have been working 6 days a week for 8-10 hours a day.

Glad to hear that you will be getting back to the novel! Look forward to your posts. :)


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Hi Andji and welcome. :welcome: I have no coronavirus credentials except that I'm old and have been isolating for the duration. You and all the other frontline workers are the heroes and I thank you all for your dedication and courage. Joining writing forums is a much less scary adventure so don't be nervous of us - we are a pretty friendly bunch. :)

Take a look around and don't be shy about jumping in with a comment or two - everyone appreciates some feedback and interaction is the name of the game. You'll feel at home in no time and that inspiration you seek will be found in abundance here.

Looking forward to seeing you around the forums soon.



Andji, it's great to have you here! I understand those nerves completely, thing is, I've learned that fear is sometimes an indicator that you should go do the thing you're scared of. I know, completely counter to our instincts but there it is.

Please blow the dust off of your work, surf through our boards here for tips, helps, inspiration, challenges, and community. WF is built for writers and you might just feel very at home here.

Hooray for the creative side!

All the best,
Welcome aboard Andji! I only joined this forum not too long ago, like you a little scared, very worried about being a newbie, troubled by my lack of experience and if i will be able to fit in ... but these are great. If in anything, take your time to read the posts, threads, join in discussions whenever you feel like and no question is a bad question.

Look forward to joining some discussions with you.