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Wattpad or Amazon? (1 Viewer)

Good morning everyone!
I currently wrote a book, and I am currently editing it but I found myself wondering if it would be smarter to publish it on wattpad or Amazon or both? If anyone could help and give me assistance it would be much appreciated! Thank you!


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So wattpad is basically like a community. it might've become a publishing house, who knows? Unless things have changed, you can simply post all your work, get it looked at, but no one will spend money, usually, to read it. It's free. Amazon... idk, I've never used it, but you can self publish and you get paid for every sell. You can publish some chapters on wattpad as marketing, see if your story gets traction, then link the rest to your amazon book page.

I know wattpad does publish some popular work, but that looks like a rare occurrence.


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I was enrolled in Wattpad.
I canceled myself.
It has worsened over time, losing the professionalism of the past.
Better Amazon.


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Yeah, having used Wattpad for a while, I ended up not publishing every chapters there.

Wattpad is like DeviantArt to visual art; it's a large pool where you find god-tiers to mushy-junk - and the ones who use the site aren't there to find some quality piece of work or something that's being seriously produced. So don't get fooled by the number of users that Wattpad boasts about.

I'd say it is a good platform in some way. But we really need to strategize on finding the audience and pull them there (and monetize it). There area also cases of my local traditional publishers scout Wattpad to traditionally publish (legally ofc) the works they chose.
There was news recently about a new Amazon platform that's launching called Vella, which would allow (for now, US residents only) you to publish shorter works in a serial-type format. Like, it's Amazon's answer to Wattpad. Details are hazy as it's still early days, but might be worth keeping an eye out.