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watercolours (1 Viewer)


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Xxx....one still doodles for pleasure

Blogsworth...do you have any more pics of your work to post...I can see the Cezanne influence and cubist in your docks...

TE....in the posher parts of town knitted Xmas scenes are placed on top of post boxes and they look so festive...

One from schooldays, about A5 ish.


You can see the linen of the book cover showing through.


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Pity there is no more but thanks for showing....

I hate to disappoint...

I used, when supposed to be revising for a Physics exam or some such, grab whatevr was to hand and do a quick sketch of the "view" from my dormitory window. Platignum, in the early 60s, produced the forerunner of the Magic Marker, an ink reservoir with a spring-loaded felt tip, press down and ink was relased onto the felt; to an extent one could control the opacity. I also, often, grabbed gobbets of watercolour on the tip of a screwdriver and applied colour - here are two such sketches:


You can see how the colour density could be controlled in the B&W sketches:

IMG-20210124-0005.jpg IMG-20210124-0006.jpg

I did a woodcut of this by cutting through a dark varnish to reveal the lighter coloured wood beneath - I gave it to my girlfriend's sister (that caused ructions!) She still has it:


With hindsight, I should have done art at advanced level rather than Advanced Level Pure and Applied Mathmatics, but my art master never suggested it.


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the first tree the strokes are coming down then up from the ground an the tree is just static but the next one the strokes are horizontal and the tree strokes are angled...two images one with alot more movement....

the dog pic's have alot more movement than the horses..the first one of the dog is a delight

thanks for posting i do enjoy artistic flair....