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watercolours (1 Viewer)


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brutalist as an architectural style.
circa 1953,
you'd think i'd have run across
this label before now.
"characterized by deliberate crudity and exposed structure".
that's probably why it didn't get stored for recall.
duct tape IS an art form, imho.
post-industrial seems more appropriate, metinks.


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Is there green in this? I am colorblind with certain colors. In a recent photo, I could not see my son's large chocolate brown dog lying on an oriental rug.


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so, ummm...
whatcha workin' on?

as an aside:
phonographs have front space on holiday shelves
'round these parts.
protective sleeves,
stable storage containers...
it's a thing
that sings.

*2021 goals?*


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The important thing about watercolours is what you don't paint! Acrylics dry relatively quickly, but allow time to scrape off and try again. I have found that with any skill, forgetting technique is the key to success, I never did enough illustrating at work to not have to re-learn the manner in which the various media had to be used, so stilted artwork was the result - In a sense, learning not to care is the key to success, just do it..

I found some oil paints when I was at school and, using old fabric covered book covers, I had a go - My best was a self-portrait done on chipboard, but it was lost in one of my parent's many moves. Here's Ipswich docks from my Impressionist period in 1963; I was, and still am, a fan of Cezanne.



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Xxx....one still doodles for pleasure

Blogsworth...do you have any more pics of your work to post...I can see the Cezanne influence and cubist in your docks...

TE....in the posher parts of town knitted Xmas scenes are placed on top of post boxes and they look so festive...

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