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Expecting someone taller?

Just thought I'd best introduce myself. Always find this sort of thing awkward though. I'm naturally self-deprecating, so, when I introduce myself to a bunch of strangers, I tend to overcompensate and sound arrogant... Then I re-edit the post, and once more overcompensate and sound like a self-pitying sort. Ah well... here goes...

I'm a wannabe writer from the UK (about 1/2 hour north of Birmingham). I work in IT. Which is not at all exciting and not nearly as well paid as most people think. I have a wide taste in books (currently reading American Gods by Neil Gaiman. Read it. Now. Stop reading my nonsens and come back when you've finished), films and music (from Chet Baker to Nine Inch Nails. There's no compilation for people like me...). I write on varying themes. If people try and pin me down, I say 'I write about the human condition'. This, of course, means very little, but people tend to pretend they know exactly what I'm talking about, so it cuts the conversation off and I can get back to talking about football (soccer to you US types out there). In reality, I don't really write about one specific thing, I just write what I feel like (at the moment, I'd say there's a theme of danerous obsession in my short stories). I've recently come off a barren spell where nothing I submitted was published and I couldn't finish anything I started, but I seem to be getting back on track (still have one or two bits I can't see where to steer, but it'll come. Probably when I'm drunk).

Anyway, that's me. Sorry... and hello.


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Sounds like you need to be slapped, lol...sorry, don't know where that came from.

Welcome. It is awkward to introduce yourself, but ya know you like the attention ;)

See ya around!

Jay Kay

hi and welcome dabnorfish .... you wanna write then don't hide anything ... let it all hang out and no self-deprecating dude ... let your light shine ...