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Watch Your Mouth (1 Viewer)


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by Daniel Handler.

Imagine this. Jewish folklore, mixed with a tale of incest that takes place in an opera house.

It's the best dark humor I've read in a long while.

But you have to be able to stomach things like descriptions of two bodies being able to be heard slapping together over the music of the opera...

Seriously. It's a good book. And no, I'm not a pervert.

And if that doesn't make you interested, Daniel Handler wrote some very fine children's books. Know as A Series of Unfortunate Events.

Now doesn't that worry you?

Ah yes, and if you get the right copy, the second half of the book is printed in magenta colored ink. Mmm... matches my jacket.


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You may have to order it online, as it's a few years old and hard to find. I just got lucky. Plus, it's cheaper that way, if you can find a good price. It has two different covers, but the second one is the one you are most likely to find.



then there's also this one, but ive never seen that in stores or online: