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True love is two lives in harmony.
As simple as that.
Two parts of a whole, no need of stars
or moon or fireworks.
Existing in that natural space
of pure compatibility.

She had all that and maybe more.
The rings and dreams
and easiness of plans
that dropped in place
as soft as the ripened seed
falls to waiting earth.

But twenty years is not time enough,
when pride and anger burns.
Pragmatism’s common sense
grows from hard experience
and she was young and jealousy
held her in its sway.

A bicycle is a mundane thing
to change two lives forever.
But his trip to Oxford, on that day,
with the girl of flaxen hair,
hardened her heart and proved to be
more than she could bear.

She married another and lived a life
of pleasant mediocrity.
They both had children
but not the ones
that had figured in their dreams.
The eyes were not their eyes.

After eighty years, the two were dead
and what will be had been.
But fate was cheated, love betrayed
by a bicycle ride
on a hot summer day
in Oxford.


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This is a beautifully penned poem, you left a lot unsaid, giving this poem subtle drama... there is an entire life changing story captured eloquently in these lines... fabulous...