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Wasted - SciFi/Action/Humour - 10k (1 Viewer)


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TITLE: Wasted -you're very welcome to suggest better titles;

GENRE: Action-Science-Fiction, Post-Apocalyptic and Humor;

WORD COUNT: 10,000 words ca (Disclaimer: I have Darren's permission to post this Short-Story in here.);

BLURB: A post-apocalyptic parade that follows Falco, a questionable survivor, on a treasure hunt;

SENSITIVE CONTENT: It contains occasional uncouth language, gunfights and death scenes. No gore;

AUDIENCE DESCRIPTION: Due the occasional blood spill and cuss word, I'd say +18. But the humorous tone would suit any teen that is not easily impressed by the harshness of reality;

EXPECTATIONS: Your general impressions on the story. From English syntax to assessment, character's build, plot-line. What is wrong and what does work for you.
My aim is to see this story somewhere, either on a magazine or in a collection. Please, help me understand how to achieve that. Just tell me what you think of it!

I'd like to believe a month would be enough. No-one is in a hurry though;

AVAILABLE FORMATS: I usually share PDF through email but it's all about a couple of clicks to change formats, so let me know of your preference.

EXTRA INFO: This story was written last year and edited, as much as I was able to, at that time. I then put it away in a drawer in the attempt to forget about it. Now, it's time to get it out of there, collect your precious opinions and finish it.
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End of February? Better get to work on my time machine.

Fancy a swap? I have a ~9k medical themed horror ready for a beta. Quite gory though.


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Thanks for the heads up, I edited it.

Sure, why not. From humor to horror. They both start with "H" after all.

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