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I'm really, REALLY new here. I just joined about a minute ago, but I think it seems like a great place to share and discuss writings. My name is Andrew, if you haven't guessed. My name is AndrewMedia.

I love writing. I dream of getting published.

I'm currently writing a Fantasy/Comedy/Adventure called "BIRTH: the BEGINNING". It's, in summary, about an alien race called the Bromethius bent on destroying Earth because of their perfection. They want to be the dominant race, so they plan to destroy them with Operation BIRTH.

This operation consists of creating a clone of their dictator and give it overgrowth genes to make it gigantic and super-powerful. They keep it safe in a mechanical egg and let their greatest warriors take it to Earth in their spaceship. Of course, the greatest warriors are idiots and crash into a meteor and storm toward Earth. The egg hatches prematurely in New Jersey. It made it to Earth. The others' whereabouts are unknown. The plan seemed to completely fail.

What's worse is that the monster that hatched from the egg is bent on destroying the world when it's three inches tall. And it falls into a 10-year-old idiot's hands. He thinks this alien is a demented, talking, neauseous (sp) gerbil. He teaches this 'gerbil', instead of to hate and want to destory things, to love and treat people with respect. But what will happen when the Bros come to Earth to check on the operation?

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Sounds fun! If you ever need help on your book just ask and I'll help cuz' I'm a helping person! :) Have fun on here and I look forward to reading your writtings!