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Warriors Of Alavna (1 Viewer)


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I love fantasy books. Most of my very young teenage life has been spent reading these books but recently i have grown wearisome of the fantasy genre that i have grown to love. Time after time, when i walk into my local library or Boarders, all i seem to come across is the same old lord of the rings wannabes and the usual plot of a farm boy with a knack for adventure. Just when i gave up hope on fantasy(although i still read Pullman's his dark materials to remind myself that fantasy isn't truly dead) i came across another fantasy book that isn't a lord of the rings rip-off and guess what, it doesn't have any goblins either. Originality still flows in fantasy!!

The name of this book is Warriors of Alavna by N.M Browne and its one of the most original, emotional and fast-paced fantasy books i have read in a long time. The story follows our two protagonists, Dan and Ursula as they are transported from their world by the veil and into a the mysterious world of Alavna where Ursula learns to use magic, Dan becomes a bearserker(a type of animal-like warrior) and together they have to help the Combrogi defeat the evil Ravens.

What makes Warriors of Alavna such a refreshing read from the other done and tired fantasy books out there is the way in which Browne portrays to us the development of these characters. As you read through the book, she uses a distinctive point of view so we not only know Dan and Ursula's feelings but we can feel them as well. This makes us feel for the characters and more importantly keeps us turning the page. Speaking of turning the page, this book is definitely a page turner. Every chapter is filled with tension and the battles will keep you turning the page even when your eyes are sore from reading.

But what really separates this book from the pack is the way Browne has woven the history of first century Britain into her fictional world to create something that is truly innovative. Anyone who loves the history of the Druids and about the history of Lovernois will love how Browne has interrupted the history into her story.

If their is anything wrong with Warriors of Alavna it may be the simple way in which it is written. The language isn't complex and the sentences are very short. However, the author may have done this simply because the whole story is told in the point of view of two teenagers but this may alienate a more adult reader.

Warriors of Alavna is a brilliant fantasy book nonetheless. No goblins, no fairies, no farm boys, only two children who find themselves in a world not like their own and are forced to survive or be killed. Anyone looking for a refreshing book from all the lord of the rings wannabe fantasy novels, look no further. Warriors of Alavna is that book.

SCORE: 9/10


Click on the link above to order the book.
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