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Wanted to share something NICE that happened to me today! (1 Viewer)


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Woo Hoo!
Just wanted to share something NICE that happened to me today. Immediately after I gave an author talk on how to self-publish a book during an online Writers Conference, we had a Q&A session. One attendee (Joanna) said she is a BIG FAN and wants an autographed copy of my latest nonfiction book. That kind of praise from readers is very uplifting to me, and it definitely MADE MY DAY! :)


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One fan is problematic.

'I really, really enjoyed your bookie...'

'Why, thanks.'

'What colour are your eyes?'

'I don't believe that is relevant to my literature. But being as it's you, my fan, they are blue, azurinine cobalt, very much like Wayne Useful, chapter 3, Divine Twist, ya.'

'I thought so. I mean, I know so...'

'Ew...my wife will be back from the shops, she'll...'

'We have time...'



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Congrats! That must feel amazing to have fans and to have material to sign for them . . . keep it up and enjoy it! Soak it up in the sun! You deserve that for sure.