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Wanted: Sublime Dialogue (1 Viewer)


Good morning, afternoon or evening.

As a film student, I'm looking for something to film. I will keep my eye out in this forum for work which arouses my interest... However, if any of you budding screen or stage writers has a not too lengthy piece of dialogue that you feel might make an interesting short film, then don't hesitate to contact me or reply here.



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Hiya Pawn,

I'm a screenwriter in Orlando and work a lot with student films from time to time. Give me a rundown on your requirements and I'll see what I can dig up for you. I do specialize in comedy though, and find that it goes over the best at film festivals since most of them are swamped with Quentin Tarintino clones.




If I was to do a comedic piece I'd need actors who could pull it off! Ideally, something simple, something profound. Anything thought provoking but real - they're conversations seldom had, but worth rewriting.



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I need a little more information from you, guy. What's your time frame? When do you need it and how long does it need to be? Most film schools have a size limit on student films. I need to know what your boundaries are. Do they frown on swearing and controversial topics, or do you have a blank check? What's your budget? Do you want effects or a dialogue/character driven piece.

I can write anything you want and make it shine, but I need some guidelines on where to start. And don't worry about it being comedy or not. Although that is what I specialize in, I am well versed in most genres and have done everything from horror, to hard drama.

One side note: Helping student films is one of my pet projects so I am very keen to help you (we do quite a number through the year here in Orlando). I just need to know where to start. Being schooled in journalism I am used to very short turn around times so I can write something up in a very short timespan. Just let me know what you want. But as the director it's your responsibility to let me know what you need. As a writer, it's my job to deliver exactly what you want.

One other note: One thing I seem to be particularly good at is taking someone else's idea and making something filmable out of it. I take the director's ideas as a springboard and run with them. To date, I've never let anyone down and everyone I've worked with has been extremely happy.

PPS. If any of this is a little unintelligable, it's because I have a splitting migraine and have just finished off a quart of vodka. I'm a little blurry now but I think I got the point across.

Toodles, Oz

DRink up boyzz// he. hye.s hes.



Forgive me for allowing this thread to completely escape my mind. I will PM you forthwith.

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