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Want to submit? Of course you do, but read this first. (1 Viewer)


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WritingForums.com welcomes publishers soliciting submissions, and thanks legitimate publishers for coming here to engage with our writers.

Members considering submitting to any publisher should perform due diligence to ascertain if there are any complaints about the publisher, and we recommend "Just Saying No" to Vanity Presses--i.e. ANY publisher who asks the author to pay for any element of the publishing process, or personally purchase a minimum inventory of their own title.

WritingForums.com staff will attempt to verify the legitimacy of any publisher seeking to post in this Forum, but cannot guarantee the accuracy of our own investigation, as that type of research is not a primary focus of the site or our skill sets.

An author considering a publisher should seek information as to what the publisher does with submitted material, whether or not authors have trouble receiving royalties or sales reports, and completely read and understand the publisher's contract if offered.