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want to make your script into a comicbook? (1 Viewer)



hey, my name is joey, and I'm really in the mood to start working on a serious comic with a script and everything. the problem is, i suck at writing scripts. This is the link to my online portfolio: www.joeypoulin.com

if you like what you see stylewise, and have a story/script that you'd like to see translated into a comic book, please contact me. I can do more realistic stuff, or more serious stuff, i have jpegs of such peices i've done if you want to see. just email me and i'll get back to you with that.

How would we proceed? send me a short summary, like a paragraph long or whatever the story is, i'll check it out and get back to you if i'm interested in working with you on said project. if you already have a script written, please just send a summary, i dont really want to read entire scripts at this stage.

Will you get paid for the script? umm...i want to work with someone on this, totally collabrative. if the book comes out looking awesome we can always try sending it to a publishing house, and there on we would split the costs however we feel is fair.

you can reach me at [email protected] for more info, or to send me your stuff. i look forward to hearing from you.


maybe what i said above was misinterpretted, i'm not asking anyone to write a script for a story i had in mind, but to use a script/story you've already written, and wanted to make into a comicbook.


I don't care about money, I'd just like a copy. :)

I believe 5 Easy Steps is around here somewhere...