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Walking with Dither (1 Viewer)


WF Veterans
oh this is weird.
Great post by the way.
Only yesterday I was thinking, wondering, how you were.
Had you left WF? Had you left this WORLD even? How would we ever know? And that's a shame I think. The not knowing.


So he learned not to speak
Someone who saw beauty in things others told him were silly
So he learned to close his eyes
Someone too soft and sensitive to get anywhere in life
So he learned to wear armour
Momma i built the wall
And after many many years
Getting rid of it
is an
Oh Shit
Really ?
Final lines of the Wall Album
“And when they've given you their all
Some stagger and fall, after all it's not easy
Banging your heart against some mad bugger's wall”
In this case
it is my heart
banging against
My Wall.


That which I have C&P'd I can so relate to but if there is still a heart beating inside of me, the wife says that I haven't got a heart, it's doesn't bang against anything.
Yes I built a wall and now I shall see out my days hiding behind it. If there is any railing done it's about the how I've lived my life. So many unfortunates of this world could look at me, the life that I've had, COULD HAVE, SHOULD HAVE HAD, and think oh you wanker! What is wrong with you?
What's that saying? Should woulda coulda?
But I didn't and so there's no point dwelling on it.
I had every opportunity to make something of myself. But, with all that opportunity, without the courage to reach out, to dare, to try, and sometimes fail, you have nothing. If I'm totally honest with myself, my biggest failing is probably that I never really "wanted" to be/achieve anything beyond having a roof over my head and food in my stomach and I was always willing to do a day's work. I DO regret that.

Life eh?

It's good to have you back Gofa.

I too am an old man and I don't see me working for much longer. I'd like to see this year out still working but beyond that we shall see.
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Friends of WF
I hear you on should a, could a, but if the drive is not there you will be doing it for others and thats a complete waste of time so you get a pass on that from me
oh yes D the pension commeth for you too wahoo
do you get a free bus pass
half price at the movies
these things and more to look forward too
funny my wife (second) occasionally asked are you talking with that English guy
its the chips that does it you always come up in conversation when there is a nice chip in front of me
down the road from here is a eatery, a restaurant named after my first wife i believe
well it was her that was brought to mind when i first saw the signage
they have chips that are 6 inches long and two inches square
you eat these suckers individually, slowly and one bite at the time
oh the name of the place D
the Fat Old Cow
nice steak with the chips by the way

Guard Dog

Senior Member
Gofa... I think that place might be named after my first wife...

No, wait... then it would be called The Bitch. ( Her words, not mine, I swear. )

( She always said she wasn't A bitch, she was THE bitch. Go figure...)



WF Veterans
I shall certainly make use of that bus-pass Gofa.
Six by 2 chips?
They sound quite a handful.


Friends of WF
Hi D
been a while Think i might start writing more and after 10 minutes i found my way back here
since last we walked things have gone well
they say living well is the best revenge and in that i am successful
but but but
old age buddy its no game for the weak or the infirm
ive taken the Accountants measure of the years ahead say 14 to those behind 66 You see no way with this body it makes 80 plus I have not had one careful owner so best to plan for sooner than later
thing is what do you do from here
i do not want to go quietly
im tempted to grow old disgracefully but not every day cause funding the energy to be disgraceful everyday is too demanding
i like sitting in the sun D silly thing but it brings a real contentment
my Nana from Yorkshire would sit in the sun every day she could on her back porche and i follow her here
i am approaching the age of my Nana now and as was posted else where it would be nuce to talk to an attractive woman and my Nana was attractive A warm kind round woman all Nanas must be well rounded oh the joy of that soft hug and “it will be alright chook” oh dear D how short the time feels since that last hug from her so many decades ago
im going to America next month and i will take you on a walk with me D
what better way to capture the trip
my wife and bother in law have banned me from driving in Alabama My poor impulse control and smart mouth they believe will see me as road kill first day
i am looking for a tee shirt saying “Does Not Play Well With Others” perhaps this can be a warning
funny how you stick in my mind D all chips carry with your shadow of relative placement in the ranking of best chip ever
i have no real plan so if there a place in the south you fancy tell me and i will go take a picture for you
last year was new jersey across to Montana then down to Nevada
this time houston texas across to the east coast and up to New Jersey via any place looking interesting
its a pleasure coming back here to have a conversation in my head with you Dither
a real pleasure
i still think of Pandora Funny how she is welded to this place But now its bitter sweet rather than something that drives me away with sadness
more soon buddy


WF Veterans
I think I saw/read something in here somewhere about Gumpy being the forum mum, I could be mistaken of course, and no offence intended Gumpy, but the times I logged in just have / hoping FOR interaction with Pandora. I posted stuff in the hope that she'd respond. She always did of course.
Personally, I'm all for growing old quietly and btw retirement is on the horizon for me , not long now I'm afraid. The scrap-heap beckons. I was never any kind of a hell-raiser by any stretch of the imagination but now? Yes we all have fanciful thoughts occasionally but nah, pipe 'n' slippers for me mate.
Gofa, it's such a pleasure to see a post from you and so glad that you seem to be in pretty good order in spite of old father time. It's all in the mind huh!:wink: Try telling my knees that.:hurt:

It's funny , even now, and yesterday while out shopping, I suddenly became acutely aware of how, I find myself looking at things I must have seen, or maybe NOT " actually...seen" a thousand times or more, feeling like a tourist.
I see things,think thoughts, and think of this place, but struggle to find the words. Does anybody really want know anyway? I wonder.And yet... I love reading about other peoples' meanderings.
Life eh?

Stay in touch Gofa, live long, live well, and raise a little hell, but not too much eh? And when you do, raise some for quiet boring old D.
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Friends of WF
I've taken to getting up and sitting on the veranda in the morning sun and writing now I'm a pensioner and summer is approaching
Enjoying my old age is my new goal as shit i never thought i would reach this far into life
Poor impulse control has ever been a factor like a reverse lottery forever taking tickets in my own demise. So far though plus or minus some broken pieces i do regret i have faired pretty well
Its funny most of us give or take can do anything we like but all to often don’t.
Funny but some how those invisible fences steal away options even it it just “I better not eat that its bad for me”
Im wheat allergic which is just a grim fact and the consequences are basically my body responding as if i have food poisoning.
Everything goes south and the concept of no rush is utterly lost on my insides. This said there are foods that i love
Foremost an apricot danish, damn i miss them
A while ago i was in one of my screw it whats the worst that can happen moods and decided to think outside the square
Its about the rules and whether or not they can be circumvented
I bought a danish and a can of Coke at a stall in a market.
My wife was suitably unimpressed “are you going to eat that” but i asked that she bear with me as all will revealed
Across the road from the fair was a grass verge on to a river replete with ducks.
I went there sat on the river bank and having opened my can of coke took a large bite of the apricot danish
The trick was to enjoy the taste the chewing and up until but to not include swallowing.
At chewings end i had a bulimic moment and spat the mouthful into the river then rinsed my mouth with coke and that too was promptly delivered into the river
I would point out to those that see this as wasteful that you are misinformed The ducks loved my freshly chewed apricot danish and waited around for seconds. They were not disappointed
My point i guess is half a loaf is better than none and sometimes it easy to miss that half a loaf is still on the table whereas the whole is not
When i was young every year the things that i could do grew. Now sadly its is becoming apparent that ever year the things i no longer can do are growing
That realisation is disheartening and depressing but but but It is less true than first thought
I like martial arts and through practice and teaching have realised that softness overcomes strength. In truth it does
That said softness with poor technique takes a real beating every time but the truth is still in there
Back to my apricot danish now. I cant eat them without a real price. But i can get so damn close and enjoy all of the fun stuff that i cant see it as a limitation. It is feeling the limitations close in upon me that now gauls but maybe its time to reevaluate how much of what i want is still on the table The glass is half full Yes but screw im not here for just half 80/20 or go home
The saying 80/20 is about 80% of the enjoyment / benefits etc etc being in the first 20% of whatever
Finally lets put this in perspective by way of the old bull and the young bull Lets run down the hill and shag half those cows the young bull says No lets walk down there and shag them all answers the old bull and this is the story’s end
Now as an older bull i would encourage the young bull to race down there hot and bothered and shag half the cows. Me i will walk down and the other half of the cows will be so much more appreciative of my efforts because they surely thought they had missed being chosen.
In our youth we were told walk before you can run. Now its more dont run if you can walk which some times has an upside

Life D its a two way street it comes and goes



WF Veterans
Gofa, that's interesting. I was once diagnosed a coeliac. Wheat intolerant. It turned out that I'm intolerant to regular wheat-based bread only. I DO miss it though.


Friends of WF
All I have is words

Ive talked before about a broken heart Ive talked about loss
We all deal with this as in to each life a little rain must fall

But but but

Im trying to understand, trying to see the picture of my self, so many pieces and so many points of view.
I think pensioners do this oh dear D reflections Lets avoid shiny surfaces
So many thoughts and feelings of others to sift and weed away then leaving gaps and inconsistencies

And here I sit brow furrowed trying to see sense through the lines on this page

One central point is that I see alot. Yet I only have words and all too often words cant encompass what I’ve seen what I’ve done and what i know

Often my response is to forget It stops the mental indigestion that lump in your stomach, that is unprocessed upset, or some other understanding that just got buggered by circumstance

A gun man came and murdered 50 people 5 miles from where I live we don’t do guns in my country but he did

Where to from that statement. My close friend took his life recently and I don’t know why. I knew him for 12 years and almost daily for the last year as i guided him in fixing an investment problem and all was well Maybe not huh

I sit here saying I know stuff I can see Well brother I did not see that
Nor is that some small omission

I don’t know how I couldn’t have done more but oh how I wish I had and yet when concentrated upon Im just left shaking my head

Forgiveness Yes it is within me As there but for the grace of God goes I

All too easy to be in the wrong place wrong time thinking the wrong outcome

Now for the difficult bit

I never told my friend this I never considered it relevant
Im a fixer I make problems go away business financial personal whatever
Why do I always extend a hand ?
When I was young I debated suicide often I screamed at God and said
“I will never leave another the way you have abandoned me here and now”
The short sightedness of youth but still it was heart felt at the time
I often resolved my 2am debates so many years ago with
Yes Yes Yes i will end it all
But But But
I choose to do it at noon tomorrow
The voices encouraging me fell silent as yes I was on my way
But But But
Its always different the next day

You have seen me write

Don’t worry about it will be fine in the morning

Now you know a little more

My friend had I told him this Perhaps just perhaps this seed would have taken root and sidelined his 2am decision as that is when the coroner said he ended his life

One of the virtues of places like here, is telling our stories, that others might learn and avoid the too painful pieces of another’s life lessons

So I speak

With my brain chemistry and DNA, like an albino, I have things i need to be careful around

Albinos need to take care around strong sunlight. Me ?

We live in a soup of thoughts and emotions most cant perceive but some of us are inundated and easily impressed

Simple answers to complex questions In my darkest times I have stood in a shower How long you say Till the hot water ran out

The Lord’s Prayer when all has turned to crap Curl up in a ball pull the covers over your head and just repeat repeat repeat till sleep claims your tired mind

This is my last ditch defence against all that is dark and unholy

Not as some fearless warrior nuh

Small kid hanging on till the morning light Oh dear how many times i did that when I was young

Ive not told my friends, here where I live, these pieces of my history

But here in this forum now it seems a penance

Im not looking to start a discussion

As I said that the start all I have is words

And sometimes they have power but there is no power if they stay unspoken

They say we don’t regret so much what we have done rather its the things we have not done that brings the most regret.

I am no guru I am just another soul trying to make sense of my own life’s mysteries and carry the scars prove too many poor choices

And to close

“Living well is the best revenge” upon unhappy circumstances and tough lessons learnt

Seeing happiness, goodness, that is all around Deliberately

Because trust me on this

What ever you look for, you will see

Count the smiles in the grocery aisle, feel the sunshine, catch some drops in your mouth as you walk in the rain

Life is now and now comes always with choice and it is those little choices that add up and make all the difference


WF Veterans
it's been a pleasure, as always to read your post. As for how we may or may not lived, things done or not done, I try not to go there, yes I have days filled with regrets and remorse, I have flashbacks, don't we all I suppose.

As for your friend taking his own life, I have a theory about that, not your friend, suicide of course. I think that for some it's just in there ticking away, waiting a the time and a place, a suicide gene perhaps. I truly believe that if, on my happiest day ever, if there could be such a thing, if I suddenly found myself on top of a high building or in the vicinity of high cliff-tops, like a moth to flame, a voice, something inside me, I'm sure, might compel me to jump. I'd love to visit EastBourne but I don't know if I dare.

Life, or rather the living of it, really doesn't interest me but I'm a wimp. Tired of living and scared of dying. Welcome to my hell. Best not to dwell on it huh!

Smiles in grocery aisles? Smiles ANYWHERE, don't register with me, and sometimes, I think, that's a shame, but there it is. Often, when I'm out and about, there is so much to see, the sights and sounds of everyday life, and yet, I see nothing.

I DO think that now would be a good time to die actually. As I said in another thread, " I've climbed that hill ". The best, if there ever was " a best ", is behind me and the only way is down. I am in pretty good nick right now, touching wood as I type, but how long can that last? I wonder. We shall see I suppose.

And, should anybody who read my last blog read this:
Regarding the subject of extending a hand, an offer of help to a stranger in need, I simply don't/wouldn't feel worthy of their accepting my help. That, I'm sure, unless you've been there, will be totally beyond your comprehension.

Life eh?
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It is amazing how many of life's complex problems have simple solutions. Often we pretend to be complex as an effort to seem more intellectual than we really are. The things that hurt, the things that make us feel good, are always simple. Gofa, thanks for an honest and simple story about who you are


Friends of WF
Dither time for a bit more of a walk

Let me tell of trees and ships and other things that rain down upon us from on high
The good old days when leeches would pull out the evil from within and a little blood letting was good for you. When some doctor felt righteous in the eyes of God because first he had done no wrong

The ignorant’s lament You must trust these wise men as they have only your interests at heart but lets add in their professional liability and performance initiatives for the pharmaceutical supply rewards. Im not bagging the whole profession rather pointing out let the buyer beware

I bring you scary news there are good doctors and bad doctors. I found out a short while ago my last doctor has sat in the same room cubicle for 21 years. You must understand the inference of a significant personality disfunction being required to achieve this. Their mind by association must be as blinkered as the physical setting they clutch on to as stability. In this case i also noted over a good period of time same clothing being worn Yes exactly the same. Life is in the details.
Its funny as a play but disturbing in equal measure. As we age these dear souls will have an ever greater say in our quality of life up to and including ending our very life itself. Oh oh dear. Rather than James Bond 007 But the licence to kill very much applies.
Referred by my insistence to a specialist i am categorically advised the drugs as prescribed of 4 years are not treating my symptoms at all Lets then do the math
Drugs given aren’t treating. Current symptoms are in normal range. Therefore i per se don’t have a problem. Its just pretty dangerous to withdraw from said drugs but the side effects are staggering they are what has drawn me to seeking medical help.
Stop equals no side effects Okay so just tip toe out of this place
NNT New acronym Number Needed to Treat
The scary question to ask any Doctor. Where do i know this from A Doctor giving a Ted talk
My drugs as given NNT was 38
The side effects 15% from trials
Again welcome to the math
Said drug requires a statistical of population 38 people taking it in any given year to guarantee 1 positive outcome so 37 are just shooting blanks
Where 15% of users will suffer significant side effects
That roughly 6 people
One winner at a minimum 5 losers
Lets shift industries
Simply first
Automobile industry
1 in every 38 cars works as per expectation
6 of every 38 inherently lower the quality of life of their owners
And some how this is going to make Ford or Toyota industry giants
First do no harm
Oh oh dear
For me and mine just the fear of taking a step how ever based in good sense that has consequences that are not small
I have taken 4 months and everything is the same except none of the side effects plague me now and some of them were critical
I had bad sleep apnoea
Specialist said basically expect a short life after showing me a graph
My meds drove the sleep apnoea
Im not advocating anything more that its your own body and you know it best. Adding research an inquiring mind and discussion you can step out of blindly following
So I'm advocating have a look for your self
When i was on the bus my clients were my primary focus. Their financial and personal wealth and health was my day job
I am now my main client
Dither old friend If you were one of the machines on the floor where you work those many years. Would allow said machine to rust lay idle etc etc
Machines need to operate find something to do. The mechanic inside you knows the simple truth here Use it or lose it
Go walking and tell me about it


WF Veterans

I always enjoy reading what you post in here. I envy you your tone, your use of words and your ability to paint such vivid pictures with them, sorry about the subject matter.

When I first found WF I was so "switched on". Every time I made the small journeys into neighbouring towns they always seemed fresh and new, as though I'd never been there before, I saw heard felt so much and everything seemed so vivid. A discarded cigarette packet a coke-can would shout hi! how yer doin?, I used to love the sight of the rain-soaked pavements and tarmac roads all shiny and new as though God himself had seen fit to scrub them clean. A small bird taking a bath in a puddle of rain water. A stolen glance between to strangers on a bus.

But some how, somewhere, a switch got thrown and the light, if not totally extinguished, has definitely dimmed. So much to see hear and feel and yet , nowadays, I see hear and feel so little.

Age? Simply a state of mind? Now I invite YOU to go figure. The real problem is, if you would call it that, is that I don't mind.

Y'know? I found myself thinking just the other day. My generation, born in the fifties, really have had the best life possible. So many fatal diseases have been eradicated in my lifetime. Technology. Transport. We have been given so much, and, if we're really lucky, we might just leave this life in time to so as not to experience earth itself going down the toilet as I feel it most surely will. We, as a race, a species, simply don't care. Lemmings charging full tilt to the cliff edge I think.

And now I've run out of things to say.

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Friends of WF
Age? Simply a state of mind? Now I invite YOU to go figure. The real problem is, if you would call it that, is that I don't.

there is a long version and a short version We are both too old to sit through the long version
so here
use it or lose it
your body your mind
in our ageing the chemicals come for us you walked 8 hours a day you called it work
you body processed much through that activity
you think its your mind nuh
your body and brain chemistry
walk buddy
blow away the cob webs
adrenaline is you mistress go flirt with her invite her in
do one thing a day that scares you
reading above you have it all
arise Sir Knight
there is a quest i would ask of you
and I pretend not
the pen is mightier than the sword
and as we have two hands i like to carry both
bring a sword to a knife fight and then write about

“i don't” is the dragon i point out to you Sir Knight
slay that beast and be alive

Eastbourne is where the Holy Grail awaits
dont go quietly into the night

you are now involved in a holy war
a quest for life itself

write that others may know of your struggles and come to believe
that yes the Holy Grail is in Eastbourne

and be aware you are not alone in your quest Sir Knight
as on the other side of the world a Mage of the Taniwha Clan
works magiks to aid you in your quest

buy a pair of Nike runners
they are formed from the spirit of
Just Do It So the Ad men tell me
and these sacred shoes will forever guide your feet
Toward Eastbourne
and next the Sacred Chips
its been too long You must restore yourself with them
remember God put chips upon this earth
to fortify us when undertaking Quests
and finally the Sacred Cider tastes best when drunk planning the next step in your quest



WF Veterans
There is a chip-shop set to open in our town, like we needed OTHER fast-food outlet here. And it's next door to a funeral-parlour. How undesirable is that? You sit planning the funeral of a loved one with the smells of salt & vinegar, and fish 'n' chips, filling your nostrils. These people can't be choosy I suppose, you have to take shop-space wherever you find it, and actually, having the Co-op right next door, maybe these fish & chip vendors thought, might not be bad for business. Still not nice I think. Finally, on a humorous note, the sign above the yet to open shop reads " Siddall's fish and chips " so even now, before the commence trading, you can imagine how people are going to refer to that one.

I'm looking forward to giving Sid's chips a run-out.

We shall see.


Friends of WF
Chips Honest D it life and death situated side by side
I have to admit that smokey flavour could tend to choke but a bit more vinegar should drown it out

as for me its Trash day I need to gird my loins, summon up my aspect and wield my attribute and go down to the basement

Take out the trash easy Eh Nuh

Yea though I enter the valley of the elevator of death
I will fear no evil
For my antibacterial wet wipes are by my side
Surely goodness and mercy will follow all the steps
To the apartments trash room
And i will return to once again dwell healthy in my apartment

You think I’m joking Yeah kind of
But i do remember going up Bear Tooth Pass at 11,000 feet
Sucking air and struggling at 15 mph to negotiate u-turns every
30 seconds because of it requiring huge concentration to turn accurately
And then I noticed I was whistling Amazing Grace without consciously starting

It might not be all of me, but the better part, knows which side my bread is buttered on
Restated when there’s a gun at my head the things that are important
do tend to rise to the surface

when I return D will give an update of how my hero’s quest turned out
Us being writers and all


WF Veterans
Chips Honest D it life and death situated side by side
I have to admit that smokey flavour could tend to choke but a bit more vinegar should drown it out

as for me its Trash day I need to gird my loins, summon up my aspect and wield my attribute and go down to the basement

Take out the trash easy Eh Nuh

Yea though I enter the valley of the elevator of death
I will fear no evil
For my antibacterial wet wipes are by my side
Surely goodness and mercy will follow all the steps
To the apartments trash room
And i will return to once again dwell healthy in my apartment

You think I’m joking Yeah kind of
But i do remember going up Bear Tooth Pass at 11,000 feet
Sucking air and struggling at 15 mph to negotiate u-turns every
30 seconds because of it requiring huge concentration to turn accurately
And then I noticed I was whistling Amazing Grace without consciously starting

It might not be all of me, but the better part, knows which side my bread is buttered on
Restated when there’s a gun at my head the things that are important
do tend to rise to the surface

when I return D will give an update of how my hero’s quest turned out.



Friends of WF
Hi D

Face Book reminded me that some eight months ago i was in New Orleans and i guess i feel a little remiss in not taking you along so damn the expense lets catch up

I have been reluctant to talk of some of this stuff because not everyone gets the chance but hiding this under a bushel seems silly

By way of introduction there was a natural disaster here in my country in which we lost our house and the multinational insurers were arseholes making you fight to be reinstated. My day job has given me skills kind of like Liam Nesson in “Taken” but more corporate orientated. Six years fighting we arrived at a huge settlement. I have set a course these last few years to spend their money doing stuff i dreamed of when i was a little kid. As i say often living well is the best revenge.

In terms of context a few years ago sitting in a group of six high court barristers (lawyers) as part of my day job I was asked how goes my insurance dispute. I explained saying, if any insurance senior executive is found murdered, I would take it as a personal affront not to be considered a suspect. Oh dear they squirmed. You see half were counsel for the insurance company. Too funny, their eye contact became jittery as they clutched at their stainless steel condoms hoping if they got to screw me they at least would get their dicks back.These real warriors went hunting with a can opener and a microwave facing a club and skinning knife, that disparity did wither there nether regions

My wife is American and of Cherokee descent which i find cool and she of Boston heritage tends to hide under the carpet. After the insurance settlement we tried to live in USA to escape the bad memories here and to put my wife in her own world. Lasted a year or so but finally she liked it back here not there so sell up and ship home that which you would keep.

One thing i could not part with was my convertible black Ford Mustang. I left it in my brother in law’s garage. In the last two years I have flown to US got in my car a driven around America. About 30,000 miles in two trips. Shipping the car either back from my point of departure or to the my point of arrival.

So let me begin my trip down memory lane. I did not have a travel plan so much as drove often with the hood down so I could work on my tan. First trip was New Jersey to Montana and then down to Nevada. Second Texas across to eastern sea board and back to New Jersey. Pick a town city somewhere that looks nice figure out how long to get there get up in the morning and drive.

Firstly let me explain some of the basics of which the biggest is time. A nice early morning start of 9 am local is actually 1am in terms of jet lag or where by internal body clock is. You get up clear the hotel by 10 or 11 am and it’s now 3 am and you need to start with a large cup of coffee followed by Coca Cola for more sugar and caffeine each hour thereafter. Having driven for 3 hours you feel your body awaken as it 6 am and breakfast becomes an option. America for all its sins is the world capital of breakfast and everything I mean everything has extra bacon and double cheese. I am not complaining.

Second aspect I am driving on the wrong side of the road. Us civilized nations drive on the left but lets just mirror image it all and go with right. When you leave a carpark you instinctively look right and holy crap the cars scream by from your left. So you learn to look twice both ways and time is your friend. No rush there will be a bigger gap soon if this one looks small.

From here I will let it get a bit personal as places don’t do it for me it people and circumstance. As and aside before my second trip my wife and brother in law made me actually swear / promise I would not get out of the car in Alabama as I would surely die from poor impulse control. You will appreciate their fears as you read on

So my trip as captured by events

Improper Ordering
Americans can be loud and sitting at a bar in a Charleston hotel the South Western “MRI” sales conference of alpha male consultants swept into my area of quiet. One guy continued to espouse his great sales year telling all and sundry to put everything on his credit card because ……..
Finally enough and I called the bar manager over and asked for an understanding of specialty drinks. A nice lady eager to please with the expensive cocktails
I asked “Do you have a cocktail called “4 Hookers”.
“I am so sorry sir but no” she replied
“What about a specialty drink called “Half a pound of Cocaine”
“Why no” she answered looked less that happy at losing a sale
I pointed to the guy with the credit card and she nodded and I then said
“Shame as I would like to have put four hookers and half pound of cocaine on that guys credit card just knowing that the post sales conference expenses review could well lead to a dark place”
She laughed for some time and I resumed my meal having taken out noise cancelling earpods and started listening to music.

Oddest Conversation
You get a little punchy later in the day such that internal filtering of response sometimes fails
I am Mall somewhere’s east of Texas a nicely dressed woman of my advanced pensioner years came and sat beside me initiating conversation by asking the time. I checked my iphone and answered 9.30. Her reply its 9.28. Okay my internal response why ask ?
Then she stated “I live with a woman”
An unusual opener and it engages the brain
My reply was “I live with a woman too” and held significantly long eye contact.
She nodded several times, having obviously to me, accepted this important fact as something we have in common and continued to speak
“This morning when I awoke, the woman I live with had taken and worn my pants and shirt.”
I nodded for some time. You are just wrong footed here but maintain eye contact while answering
“When I got up this morning I looked at the clothes of the woman I live with and they are nice but she is much smaller than me so they don’t fit me well.”
You just watch her internal processing, jam, stutter, restart, only to jam again all the while I in a haze of jet lagged tiredness I calmly stare into the grey eyes of her crazy.
Finally she nods breaking the spell of eye contact and says
“I have got to go now” and promptly gets up and walks away
I just nodded and recognized you cant out crazy me when I am bone tired and don’t give a Sh……

I will leave it here for now as a recollection and bring more soon.
Kind of nice to think back on stuff like this D
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In New Orleans you know you are a foreigner when

I stayed in the French Quarter of New Orleans which I was told was a nice place. Not Past midnight D. and after dark some places out side the quarter it’s a bit rough
There was a NFL Foot ball match on one night and I caught a taxi to the park some 5 minutes ride from my hotel. Wandered around looking at the biggest stadium I’ve ever seen. 75,000 souls fit into this sucker and it aint a big one
I paid $196 for a ticket on my iphone, down loaded the APP that registered me and put the phone to the ticket admission thingy after standing in line for some time and behold I was allowed entry.
I left after the first quarter with noise fatigue. Seventy thousand screaming fans each with a different death threat to the referee that called a penalty against their team. Nice soccer Mom sitting beside me talking about her son being in the college band supporting the program with demur down home pride, would turn in to this screaming Banshee with the You F…. C…. B…. I’LL Cut your B…. just jaw dropping. Then reseat and go back to quiet conversation on Soccer Mom topics
So I got up and left after the first quarter, you can only put up with such a good thing like this for so long
PS I got a Alligator Hot Dog Sausage on the way out. Do you reckon that would be a tough thing to chew ? Oh yes it was bite chew spit and throw what I call the New Orleans Four Step

So the point of my story was the leaving. Us foreigners are prepared to ask authority figures directions just in case a lovely African American Police officer was outside the Stadium. I’m 6’3’’ broad and big. But but but in truth I am unsure if I could have got my arms around this lady’s shoulders and no way my hand would touch behind it I got a hug. With this in mind I asked her if as a stranger it was safe to walk back to my hotel some 20 minutes on foot away.
She looked me up and down slowly and said “Big guy like you (funny infront of her I was not feeling it) one in four chances you get back safe. Take a taxi sir save us the paper work”
Oh shit you internalize
So get a taxi and just checking ask again retelling the advice given
Nice guy nods “No my guess is, it’s a 50 50 chance, you make it back okay” He himself was quitting early before it got too rough. He spoke of the French quarter as good as tourist spot but you leave it and there are a lot of angry people still yes still getting over hurricane Katrina this many years later.
A bullet dodged eh D

Longest meal

In a Vegas casino there was this worlds best smorgasbord and the less than modest price reflected it. And the hour queue at times to get in
Wait till your hungry and mid afternoon was the no queue zone
Take a book and what else have I got to do while resting up between driving stints
I was there four hours and as a gluten and wheat free special needs soul I had Amanda a special service agent show me around the half acre of food and tell me all that I could eat. As it turned out over 40 dishes

That worked out to be about 10 per hour. No rush and it you don’t like it leave it on the table next door and go get another. I worked my way through 4 or 5 rotations of other dinners and I slowly ate the value paid for in food. But really it was just the huge explore, if I could eat it I did and some was regional dishes and strange stuff. Did I have room for desert Oh yes I am no quitter D

Mile plus high club and its not what you think

Between Montana and Wyoming there are two famous scenic drives. Chief Joseph Highway and Beartooth Pass. These are highways as in long sweeping pieces of tarseal that top out at 11,000 feet above sea level . I like most of humanity live at sea level and sucking thin air at 11,000 feet makes Jack a dull boy. You dumb down as you run low on oxygen and it all gets scary and you are just dragging in lung fulls of air like you are running and just seated.
On one steep climbing point the speed limit was just 15mph. Girlie I chided, real men don’t go 15 mph on a simple open road. Well after a few minutes I was. The two lane road does not have a catch rail on the right hand side just a rumble strip that is less that a metre from yes a straight mile cliffs edge drop. The snow is so thick in winter I was told they just grade over the edge so no fence can be there.
Towards the top on the ascent side I notice I was whistling Amazing Grace. Oh yes I know to reach out for help when you feel a gun at your head. Honestly I started giggling in response to noticing a Divine petition. From brave fearless explorer to oh God hold my hand in about 15 miles of winding road going up 5,000 vertical feet and that being added from how high you started from
15 mph on reflection I was doing 10mph by the end of it and no one was hauling up behind me cause I was going slow

This time I will stop Thanks for the excuse to remember this stuff D


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"Kind of nice to think back on stuff like this D."

Kind of nice to READ stuff like that Gofa, it's been a long time, too long.
I love reading your travel notes, boy do I envy you your experiences, and I like how you see things. Trouble is, the interesting people of this world invariably have, at some points in their lives, so much shit to deal with. Maybe it all evens out eventually, ( I wish I'd dared. Too late for that now. ) and maybe, the good out-weighs the bad, I hope so Gofa.

I didn't know you were a " gluten-free" person. More likely you said and I just forgot. Life eh?

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