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Walking with Dither (1 Viewer)


Friends of WF
Okay Sunshine Im here for a chat
but I get the feeling I’m walking with the ghost
of Christmas past buddy
I struggle to find my voice in truth as for here
it mostly forms from not a happy place
i understand you spoke of this blunting your desire to write
and sadly this is a me too movement

mostly i feel i cant tell the truth
muzzled in the name of dont scare the kiddies
or if you dont have something positive to say
shut the fuck up as what is the point

From the sounds stupid but file
i have no idea why i strike a chord with you D
in writing a list of physical things we have in common
other than age not sure there is another line to add

and yet here i am basically up chucking a bitch about you being fucking AWOL

i envy you your life in a way the perceived simplicity and the same time as recognising
i would die living it

when I was young my parents took me from school refused to support
higher education and jammed me in a Governmental job as a clerk

go to work on a bus in the dark and come home in the bus in the dark for 6 months
of every year
wanna do crazy that all it took for me
i escaped found surfing quit and survived finally put myself through university
the moral of that story
pay closer attention to choosing your parents
bad choices there lead to dark places
yes it a joke D but also painfully true

i still talk about you to friends and acquaintances
i think you have a bit of a cult following over here
as i have said I have never seen you and Batman in the same room
but really its the chips
seeking salvation through the pursuit of the perfect chip
if only we lived in India im sure we would have had a set of
spiritual followers seeking enlightenment through the sacred chip

here is something both good and bad D
in equal measure not sure

Hyperdrive Lyrics
Jefferson Starship

all because I felt it
that i believed it
there things I’ve never seen that I believe

above as i have internalised
interesting to compare with googles account

Because I felt it I believe it
Because there are things I've never seen that I believe

i have wandered far in this life and managed most of this
while staying very much in my own head

but now i am verging on getting on the crazy train

Ive bought a retirement property on the other side of the South Island
and will spend 2 weeks out of every 4 there from later this year

on a hillside looking out to sea

i will stop here and continue later
funny buddy i feel better
for taking a walk with you
silly but true

more soon buddy

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