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Hello Folks. Sonebody Screem! I've just come back after a long absence and I look forward to participating and learning about members and their interests. I'm an experienced writer. Maybe I could help some of you beginners. My interests are mostly tennis, writing, music, ballroom dancing (I dance three times each week and I'm beginning to look a little like Ginger Rogers (I jest) make that Fred Astair) Lately, Fresh Water cultured pearls from China. I'm going into the business selling from my Website. Did I mention that I enjoy bending my elbow and BSing.

Walker Who?

Walker Joe Jackson claims to be a "Sweet Onion" born in Vidalia, Georgia. Kicked out of the nest at eighteen he joined the US Air Force and saw some of the world. His hitch of three years was extended one year by Harry Truman when the Korean war started. After serving eight months of the add on, he attended Georgia Tech and earned a BS Degree in Industrial Engineering. That was a tough roe to hoe. He went to school nights and worked days.

Now, he's a devoted writer working hard promoting his books and creating more stories for readers to enjoy. He has self published 15 books at a very professional and popular print-on-demand publisher LULU.COM. In the beginning, Jackson had no thoughts of selling his work cause it was a hobby. However, local readers’ glowing comments encouraged him to seek literary representation. After a few year of rejection, which is common for new writers, he decided to self-publisher his work (It's the route John Grisham chose in his beginning). Certainly Jackson knows how J. K. Rowling must have felt. Will he be so lucky as she was? He hopes so. He's paid his dues.

In '79, Jackson moved to Florida and started playing tennis. This lifestyle change resulted in the loss of 53 pounds of ugly lard. His love of tennis attracted him to the green grass of The All England Club Wimbledon. He went 1989 and learned to get the impossible dream, a Centre Court ticket, he'd need to queue over night. That entailed sleeping on the street. The tennis was spectacular and he became addicted. Fans queue year after year. You meet some interesting characters. The camaraderie is simply great. Then, there's London only a short distance away and all those friendly Pubs. That is why he did it seven times. He has about 100 IMAGES posted at his Website so have a peek.Walker Joe Author of Private Dick Hackney McTrite

After his fourth backpacking visit, Jackson arrived home and started narrating his adventures. After stringing 51,000 words that he named “Fabulous Wimbledon,” he knew he wanted to write stories for the rest of his life.

Next, he spent six humbling year at writing forums learning the craft while creating two epics: “That Neapolitan Furlough” and “Rose, Ma Petite.” He followed with a sequel to "Rose, Ma Petite” he named "Dual Images - Saint and Sinner." Then, he wrote a PI Adventure he named “Private Dick Hackney McTrite.” McTrite is a New Orleans sleuth down on his luck. He’s desperate for work. Along comes Letitia Infantino who seeks a PI to acquire infidelity evidence on her philandering husband Alphonse, a New Orleans Mafiosi boss, and the intriguing adventure sizzles. Perky Deloris Pillsbury, a young, attractive lady, joins the firm in the third book and is around for the next seven. She’s a positive and refreshing addition to the many colorful characters author Jackson has created.

Jackson recently finished a medical thriller, “Rx Conspiracy Files,” the tenth in the series. It's a wakeup call to patients taking prescription drugs. Deloris Powers, now married, shines in this book. McTrite is attending the Wimbledon Tournament. He coaches his adopted son and daughter who are playing in the main draws. He solves the snake charmer mystery and almost gets killed. If he never sells a book he won't be sleeping in his car or standing in soup lines. But writers want to be read. Harry who? I really appreciate [email protected]
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