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I was thinking back to a podcast called writing excuses that made me think about how how someone reads or sings something effects your interpretation oof what is going on. the guest of the podcast was asked why she thought it was a good idea to give directions on the scene to the narrator and she replied because of how you can make the story different according to how it is read. when pressed on what she meant by this she told him that any story could sound like phone sex if you tried hard enough. So with that said. here are 3 or 4 questions based around that.

1. if you can have any happy song or sad song reinterpreted as a happy song and any sad song reinterptotide as a happy song what would they be and why?
2. if you could have any self help book read to you as a threat. what would it be and why?
3. if you could have any book read to you done in the style of phone sex. what would it be and why?
please site who the artist or author is when you do this please.


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Happy happy Joy Joy by Stinky Wizzleteats? Because the lyrics say it's a song about being happy. So, for contradictory reasons.

Stephen King's, On Writing. Maybe the dark tone would cause me to fear the repercussions of not writing well, and I'd become a better writer in the process

Nightfall by Isaac Asimov and Robert Silverberg. In this book, when night falls, most of the people go rabid with insanity. I would be fascinated if those pages could be turned into something even remotely sexy.

How about you?


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song: angel with a shot gun by the cab as a sad song
the war of art{not to be confused with the art of war} by Steven Pressfield
saga of tonya the evil lite novels. wrote by carlo zen
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