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Vive la révolution! (1 Viewer)


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So I have been working on my current project since I was seventeen years old (for context, as of this posit I turned 31 two days ago). And I always seem to hit a snag at this same point in the story: the climax. Basically, how I want it to pan out is that The forces of the Theocratic regime are all done away with and the Secular son of the evil theocrat emperor is installed on the throne, ending the tyranny of that particular religious movement once and for all. Problem is... I have no idea how to do it.

I'm no military expert, and what research into coups and revolutions I have done hasn't really helped much. If anything, it creates more problems as previously unknown forces were at play that I never suspected had a hand in the toppling of one government and the rising of another. It's never nice and easy! Is there a sort of formula for a revolution I could try looking into? Something that shows how a riot turns into a revolution, and what happens when the government is so weak it can't stop the tides of change? Something with historical evidence I could implement in a fictional setting? Or even examples of Fictional revolutions, and what made them work so well in whatever work they came from?


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If you've already researched it, then I'm not likely to pull up anything different, but there is a basic formula, that'll work to get things moving whether it's a WW or Revolutionary. I hope this helps. I've never written a war, but I think it's probably best to start small and build it up.

"Loose Lips Sink Ships" (find a way to give/get information to the enemy)

Infiltrate the other side and cause dissension among the ranks (Why does so and so get a better meal than you?) The stupidest things can cause resentment, let it build.

Religion is being used? Question the faith of those who you seek to overthrow, by asking them something they can't possibly answer.

Get the common man mad enough to rise against the power. Occupy their homes, rape their wives and daughters. I hated writing that last sentence, but that's the kind of thing that'll do it.

Remember, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend." Get help from others in power, those who would love to see their enemy overthrown.

When they're so weak, you can drive the leaders out/kill them. Sit who you want on the throne. Or wherever it is you want them to be.
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