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Violet Bright: Ride to Stars' End (1 Viewer)


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Waterfall of the Fireflies

All seas have a source, dew drop to fierce tide—
So it is to the start of the Firefly tide, she goes,
Small Violet Bright, upon the Harbinger rides.

Jagged scars of fossilled stone, sundered land
cedes to the cold blood of the riptide’s thrall,
a place of start and end, and here she stands—

Astride the cursed beast, his face as scarred
as those limestone cliffs riddled with bones,
the uncatchable unicorn so horribly marred.

Fingers of wind, tangle in mane and spume,
lifts the stargilt mass clutched by thin fingers,
battle standard, Small Violet Bright in bloom.

Riding to Fall

The edge of the world looms, plunges away
a blade of lost prehistoric monsters interred—
a place where Violet Bright should not stay.

Old, scarred Cain glanced back at his rider,
saw the manic light in her shadowless eyes,
and leapt, splays steady as a water strider.

Spume plumed, bloomed in a gossamer veil
as that wily old unicorn began to race, follow
the passage revealed by the breaching whale.

Neither had knowledge of the perilous path…
but over the edge was the only was forward
it was a leap of faith, free of the lion’s wrath.

Off the cleave they went, Violet held tight—
sleek to the neck of her fleet footed friend.
Toes led, traced the passage of firefly light.

The deep throated call of that Tide roared,
as one Small Bright of those Strangeways
plunged into the storm surge and soared—

A Dodo’s Flight onto fabled Sea Upon Sky,
Cain’s hooves, sang, hammered those stars,
Violet, aglow amongst a torrent of fireflies—

And there, Beacon of the East, the Fox Star!
Little girl, limpet hung, rode neck or nothing,
Turtle’s light a kiss upon Cain’s lovely mar.

But why was she back, the question loomed,
for there was always a reason, always a need,
even as Violet pondered, fresh terror bloomed.

A wave as icy as Toxic’s Touch raced Cain,
the stallion, fleet feet in a game of Catchme—
Castme…Comeandgone…the bicorn slain.

Knees and toe and fingers, touched, held
as she dared to glance back at the source
of the fright, Lore, the Hound once felled.

And in his jaws gently held a white rabbit,
its eyes a tenebrous flood of untold fright,
a rabbit, Violet knew from her Alice habit.

Lore and Cain of Lost Marathon

Otter paws and cloven splays,
touch, retrace, lift and catch—
as the damned Lark still prays

Lore hard on the heels of Cain,
Unicorn Maimed and Forgiven,
just ahead of a Greyhound Slain

Violet Bright to her old friend
held tight and with soft hands
brought their flight to an end—

Ahead rose a huge broken rift,
a passage to lost Craggen Fell,
and the wily Ibex of Stars Lift.

This is the return of the All Stars of the Strangeways. Violet Bright, Cain (also known as Harbinger), and Echo's beloved, lost Lore. Phi and the Star Socks Fox are close by and waiting, but that was a little too much tale for this thread. Lore and Cain was a back up piece I did for NaPoem, but did not post.


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I'm going to be honest ... not everything in your work is clear to me. LOL However, I find it mesmerizing, and try to capture the essence in shards. The title of this piece is exquisite. :)

ETA: Just as an afterthought, we know that exquisite is a compliment, but it seems an odd correlation for "formerly quisite", doesn't it?
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