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Victory Lane! (1 Viewer)


Yep, I'm done. Finished in eight days and I'm exhausted. Man, does it ever feel good. I have a somewhat coherent story and eight glorious characters at the end of it all. What I don't have is a finished story. So, although I've hit Victory Lane, I still have some work ahead of me.

I can't wait for everyone to get here.

When you arrive, take your victory lap and join in the celebrations! I expect you all here very soon. :D
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Congratulations, sweetheart.

Here's an entire row of Smilies for you.

:cheers: :thumbr: \\:D/ :D

Terrific job, I am so proud of you.
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I'd just like to congratulate you on your pull-from-behind win. You zipped past me right at the end there, and gave me a solid run for my money. I was only just 4,000 words from being done last night, but couldn't keep the momentum going to roll over the finish. I'll finish today though, and that'll make me happy. 7 days of actual writing (9 days elapsed time) makes me very pleased.

Again, to Rico and Valeca, and all the other who have and shall win this month, congratulations. You made it. You deserve it!


Right. As I'm here, though about a week after I finished, I'll take my victory lap.

Congrats to you, valeca