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Vibration (1 Viewer)

For in-depth critique from you all, please


Chapter 1

Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep.

The sound filled her head and crept into her uncon-scious mind. While she was still dreaming, she extends her arm to turn off her cellphone's alarm, but her arm bumped into glass, sending waves of pain to her head. A moan of pain escaped her lips and she opened her eyes, tried to sit up. Her head bounced off the glass, forcing herself to lie down again. “Ouch!” she said, closing her eyes and shaking her head. She opened her eyes again and looked around and she realized there was glass all around her and it was round. She started to panic and knocked on the glass with her hands. “Get me out of here!” she screamed. Suddenly, she heard a voice. It was a metallic voice. “V146, woke up. Now I am opening the pod.”

The glass slid open and she sit up, breathing fast and looking around with wide-open eyes. There were many Hibernation Pods in a large chamber. She swung her legs out of the pod and stood up. She staggered and placed her right hand on the edge of the pod. For a few seconds, she stood in her place and gathered herself together. The place felt familiar to her.

All her memories returned, clear and unfaded. She walked through the pods and saw the faces of multiple men and women sleeping just beneath the pods glass. She stood in the middle of the chamber, wondering why she was the only one who woke up. The alarm was still beeping, increasing the dreariness of the place. She turned her head to the right and saw the exit door. Within a few steps, she was walking through the door to a long passageway. She started increasing her walk to reach the control room, but she stopped and turned her face to one of the round windows in the wall. She looked through the window and mumbled, “Why does the earth look so near?”

She continues looking at the earth a couple of seconds before she turned his head to the control room door. Her head was full of questions as she entered the room. There was no living being in the room save the computers and the other devices. The lights dimmed in the room, but when she took a few steps inside, the lighting system come up to full brightness.

“Welcome, Doctor Benjamin.” The computer said.

Sarah Benjamin is 42 is years old, diamond face shape, prominent cheekbones, narrow chin along with upturned nose. She has a Ph.D. in physics and has been professor of applied physics for over twenty years. Sarah stared out through the big window at the earth. The dark clouds surrounding most of the planet and

There were no continents could be seen from this height. She thought she spotted break between the clouds, but she was not sure because the earth's rotation sent the scene to the other side of the planet. The alarm still beeping all over the place. She put her hands over her ears and said, “Stop this noise!”

“The alarm has been disabled.” The computer said.

Sarah looked amazed and lowered her arms, saying, “You obeyed my order!”

“The emergency protocol has been activated. You are qualified to take control.” The computer said.

Sarah looked at the captain's chair. “Why you didn't wake up Captain Miller.” She said.

“I lost the access to the Hibernation Pods.” The computer said.

“But you did it to me!” Sarah said.

“The order has been given by the ground station.” The computer said.

Sarah knit her eyebrows. “From the earth!” She mumbled and turned her eyes to the planet.

“It can't be true! There is something wrong.” She said and sat in the captain's chair.

After a few seconds, she asked, “How long did I hibernate?”

“Six years, five months, seven days and four hours.” The computer said.

Sarah’s eyes bug out with surprise. “What!”

She stood up and said, “Somebody woke me up, but why? Is it all over?”

She walks in a circle, swinging her arms. “They might have made a mistake when they estimated the time needed.”

She heard voice from behind and turned back with fright. She glanced at him for few a seconds. “Oh, it is you. My heart almost stopped.” She said.

The robot moves forward spinning his wheels. “Kodi at your service, Doctor Benjamin.”

“They woke you up, too.” She said.

“I never sleep. I went into the safe mode.” Kodi said.

She smiled and said, “I'm not alone anymore.”

“Doctor Benjamin, as you know, I have been programmed to serve the passengers. May I get you anything?” Kodi asked.

Sarah waved her hand. “No, thank you. Kodi,” she said. “There is an emergency situation. I need to check this out.”

She raised her head up and asked, “Computer, what is the nature of this emergency?”

“The space station's location has been changed.” The computer said.

“Don't tell me, by the ground station,” she said. “And how it will affect us?”

“The new coordinate equal to Zero.” The computer said.

Sarah lips parted in a scream and sat heavily in the chair. After a few seconds of silence, she said in a very shaky voice, “You are falling to the ground.”

“Yes.” The computer said.

Sarah could feel her throat becoming dry and her heart beats too fast.

“Doctor Benjamin, Your body language indicators assume that you need to drink water. Do you want me to bring you a glass of water?” Kodi asked.

Sarah ignored his question and stared straight ahead and after deep thinking, she asked, “How long will it take us to break through the Earth's atmosphere?”

“23 minutes.” The computer said.

Sarah said in a low voice. “There must be something we can do to prevent this disaster.” She said, resting her chin on her clasped hands. “Computer, can you override the ground station instructions and take us back to our base orbit.”

“My access has been restricted.” The computer said.

“Try to wake up the crew.” Sarah said.

The computer repeated the same sentence. “My access has been restricted.”

Sarah felt that she was running out of choices and her mind was going faster as if she was in a race against time, and then an idea passed through her brain.

She said in a loud voice, “I want to speak to the ground station.”

“Direct line has been opened with the ground station.” The computer said.

She said as if she was talking to Kodi. “I am not really expecting anyone to reply. It would be a big surprise if the call answered.”

After a few seconds, she heard snarling coming through the communications channel and then crash and uproar of a fight. Sarah asked, her voice steady. “Hello! Anybody there?”

The fighting stopped and the connection went silent for a time. Sarah asked again, “Hello! Please respond if you can hear me?”

The sound of a sniffing came over the connection accompanied another sound, the kind of sound if you tapped on the keyboard. Sarah opened her mouth to say something but the computer's voice came back. “V380, woke up.”

Sarah heard the announcement and started clapping, saying, “Yes! Finally getting someone to help me.”

She left the control room and headed towards the hibernation chamber, hopefully she will find someone qualified enough to help her. Kodi started spinning his wheels, following her. Sarah passed through the passageway with a mind full of thoughts.

She will try her best to save everyone, but time is running out and there may be hope with the new awaken passenger. She turned her head and saw kodi following her. “Are you excited about meeting the new one?” she asked.

“It my duty to serve the passengers.” Kodi said.

“What is more important right now is that we must stop the ground station from sending us to our doom,” She said. “Even if we don't know who's behind all this trouble.”

They reached the chamber and Sarah’s eyes scanned the Hibernation Pods, expected him or her to be standing there, confused and tired. The place was so quiet that she could hear her breath. Kodi continued his way along the chamber as if he knew where he was going.

“Can you see him?” Sarah asked.

Kodi increased his speed slightly, moving between the devices until he stopped in front one of the pods. Sarah stared at him for a few seconds, and then she walked toward the pod. Suddenly the glass slid open and a sharp cry filled the chamber. Sarah stood in astonishment, wondering if what she was hearing was real. With hesitant steps, she looked inside the pod and saw the last thing she expected to see. Sarah extends her arms and pick him up. “Oh, little one. It will be OK. You will feel better soon.” She said.

Sarah read the name written on a label that attached to the pod. She said smiling at him. “James, what a lovely name.”

She sighed and looked around. “Your parents must be around here somewhere.”

James was two years old, black hair, brown eyes with a mole on the right side of his forehead. Sarah turned to Kodi and asked, “How much time left before we enter the Earth's atmosphere.”

“11 minutes.” Kodi said.

Sarah cuddled the baby to her chest, and closed her eyes tightly. “What should I do?”

For a moment, there was a deep silence, it was as if time stopped and everything vanished like a dream. Suddenly she opened her eyes, and turned her head sharply towards a door in the back of the chamber. She stared at the door for a long time, and then turned her eyes back to the pods. Her lips quivered, and two tears ran down her cheeks. “I'm sorry, but I can't do anything for you. Forgive me.” She mumbled.

“Warning! Warning! Two minutes to enter the atmosphere.” The computer said.

Sarah started to run towards the door, holding the baby in her arms, and said loudly, “Kodi, come with me. It is our only chance to escape.”

Kodi obeyed and followed her without comment.

The door slid open and they stepped into a large room where some cargo deposited everywhere. Sarah stopped in the middle of the room, sweating and breathing fast.

“The space station begins to penetrate earth's atmosphere. The Temperature started to rise. I have to hurry up.” She said.

There was a two meters wide and four meters high space behind a glass door attached to the cargo room. Sarah walked to the door, and pressed some numbers on a keypad, attempting to open the door.

“Access denied.” The keypad display flashed red.

Sarah took a long breath and said, “This is not the time to panic. You have to remember the pin numbers.”

She stared at the numbers for two seconds, and then pressed on the keypad. The door opened and they stepped inside, and then the door closed again shortly after.

“Please wear the space suit, before entering the Airlock chamber.” A metallic voice said.

Sarah turned her head to her right and saw many suits are hanging on the wall. She pulls out one and wear it as fast as she could. Kodi watched her silently until she pulled another one. Sarah put the baby in the space suit, then turned to Kodi, and said, “Guess you don't need a space suit.”

She pressed a big yellow button on the wall, and the

Airlock chamber door slid open. There were two spaceships parked in the chamber. These ships were used to transport cargo and people between earth and space station. Sarah walked with a heavy step toward one of the ships, carrying with difficulty James in his heavy suit. According to the emergency protocol, all passengers must receive flight training for the beginner.

Sarah, James and Kodi boarded their spaceship, and then within a few seconds, the space station began shaking. Sarah was looking at the cockpit of the ship, trying to refresh her memory. “Take your seats, gentlemen,” she said. “This is not going to be easy for everyone.” The outer door opened and the spaceship started moving towards the exit. Some electrical wires in the Airlock chamber has caught fire, and the ceiling pipes was cracking, causing the gas leaking out into the air. Sarah apply maximum power on the spaceship engines to fly fast through the exit gate, but the space station was tilting at an acute angle. “Oh, no, if the ship overturned, we are all going to die.” She said.

There were just a few meters to reach the gate, and the ship started sliding to the left. Sarah teeth clenched tightly as she pulling the yoke full aft. The spaceship fly through the gate into the blue sky, 62 miles above Earth's surface. Sarah looked back at the space station and saw it was totally in flames. She spotted again the break between the clouds and flew toward it.

The ground station two hours ago:

A family of raccoons crept into the station. Computers all over the place, covered with dust. One of the raccoons climbs up a computer and steps over the keyboard. Suddenly the lights turned on and the raccoons scurried away to the nearest place to hide. When they had felt nothing dangerous, once again, they started to explore the place. They start playing and chase each other on computers and keyboards. The raccoons heard a voice saying, “Hello! Anybody there?”

The raccoons stopped fighting, moving their ears to capture the sound.

“Hello! Please respond if you can hear me?”

One of the raccoons sniffed at the keyboard, stepping on it with his four feet. Finally, the raccoon’s family felt bored and left the place.

Chapter 2​

Tak! Tak! Tak! There was a polite knock at the door. “Doctor Benjamin.”

Sarah lifted her head up toward the door and placed papers on her desk, saying, “No need to knock, Albert. I am expecting your visit, as usual.”

Albert walked into her office, holding a yellow file in his left hand and adjusting his glasses with a trembling hand. “Doctor, I want to discuss my thesis with you,” He said. “A small correction has been made. One last look, please.”

Sarah watched Albert sit in the chair, kicking her desk with his knees and overturning a small vase. He stood up immediately, and placed the vase again on the table, saying, “I'm sorry. I am sorry.” He accidentally dropped the file on the pencil box and the pens scatter across the table. Sarah raised her hand saying, “Its ok. I will handle it.”

Albert licked his finger and turned some pages in the file, until he found the paragraph that, he came to discuss. “Doctor, my theory again and again lead me to the possibility of traveling to the future.”

“You mean time traveling,” Sarah said and leaning back in her chair.

Albert adjusted his glasses, and said, “Doctor, you can only travel one direction. Past is over, done and finished. The future is what we care about.”

“Albert, as your adviser, you have to start writing your real thesis.” Sarah said.

A flash of disappointment crossed Albert face. “But this is my thesis!” he said.

“It’s only a theory that could be true or false, but nobody will ever know,” Sarah said. “A thesis is an important part of the graduate program, but it must be realistic.”

Albert looked down and mumbled, “I understand.”

Sarah stared at him a moment, then said, “I looked through your theory and I have to admit I find it is good one.”

Albert regained his confidence and began to smile. Sarah picked up her pen, tapped it against her lower lip then said, “According to your theory, all things in our universe are constantly in motion and making vibrating. That including the objects, which appear stationary. The vibrations last up forever, according to your theory. But, that's scientifically impossible, Albert”

He adjusted his glasses for the tenth time and said, “Doctor, our current accelerometers can measuring vibration up to a few minutes, if we invented an accelerometer that can measure vibration up to 100 years, we will be able to travel to the future.”

Sarah gave him a faint smile and said, “You want to invent an Oscilloscope for time travel.”

Albert nodded his head. “Yes, an oscilloscope, a type of electronic test tool that displays a graphically variable signal voltage, usually as a two-dimensional diagram of one or more signals as a function of time. Sound or vibration can be converted to and displayed voltages.”

“I knew all this.” She interrupted him.

Albert cleared his throat in obvious embarrassment. “I mean, if we can track an object’s vibration signal that can theoretically last up to years, we can connect with that object at any moment during its future life events.”

“And how can we do that?” Sarah asked.

“By copy his vibration signal at that time and replace it with our current vibration so we can exist at his time without needed for a time machine.” Albert said.

Sarah arched her eyebrows. “This idea is completely crazy, but most inventions started with crazy thoughts.”

Albert scratched his head wondering if that compliment or mock. Sarah holds up the yellow file, saying, “Albert, I will keep your file and give you my feedback later, but, as I said, start writing your real thesis.”

He was about to say something when Sarah’s cell phone rang, she grabbed the phone and gave him a look as if she wanted him to leave. Albert left the office and closed the door gently behind him.

Sarah looked at her cell phone's screen displaying unknown numbers. She answered. “Hello.”

“Doctor Benjamin.” The caller said.

“Yes, who is calling?” Sarah asked.

“I'm calling for an emergency meeting. If you open your email, you will see the invitation.” The caller said.

“What meeting! I don't understand.” Sarah said.

The caller added without answering her question. “An official state car waiting for you outside.”

The man ended the connection, leaving Sarah’s face filled with questions. After a few seconds, she opened her mail and browsed through the emails. She found an email with the subject “Invitation”

Sarah quickly opened it, but there was only link a video file. She started playing the video and a man's face appeared on the screen, saying, “Hi, Sarah.”

Sarah was too stunned; she recognized the man and old memories came flooding into her mind. Andy Freeman, someone she knew from the past. He was the most popular person, an effective public speaker and no wonder he became a senator member of their state. Andy continued. “It has been a long time, I'm happy for you, Sarah, the most famous physicist in our country. I am contacting you for an important assistance and in exchange for this; you will be given a ticket to save your life. The car is waiting for you don’t be late.”

The video ended and Sarah felt that as if someone had

Poured a bucket of cold water on her head. She mumbled. “Ticket to save my life! Is that some kind of threat if I did not cooperate?”

She pushed away the thought. “Andy is a famous politician and he will not be involved in anything against the law. Besides the invitation came from the governor's office.”

She pushed her chair back and was ready to leave the office when she saw Albert’s file. For unknown reasons, she picked up the file and then headed out of the building. The man beside the official state car opened the car door for her, saying, “Good afternoon, Doctor Benjamin.”

He moved to the driver's seat and drive without any further word. Sarah sinks into her seat, wondering why they want to meet her. After twenty minutes, they reached the governor's office. Sarah gets out the car and saw many people got out of their cars and headed to the building. She mumbled. “Obviously, I'm not the only one who had invited to this meeting.”

She stands directly in front of the steps and saw many familiar faces climbing the steps, richest people, actors and actresses, famous people, scientists… Etc.

Sarah starts walking among them until they entered a large hall. The organizers told everyone to take their seats and waiting to start the conference. Sarah noticed that there are no television or newspaper reporters were

Present. Suddenly soldiers spread out through the hall carrying electronic devices. A man stands on the stage and it seem he is a high military rank. The man's eyes stared across the hall and his voice came out quiet but firm. “You have to hand over all your cell phones and communication devices. My men will make sure everyone are cooperator.”

The soldiers walked between the seats, collecting the cell phones and the communication watches. Many people followed his order as if they knew what was going to happen, few complained at first, but the looks of the soldiers changed their minds, beside the soldiers activated, their electronic devices to detect any cell phone its holder try to hide. The man with the high military rank smiled and said, “Good, our job here is done.”

Suddenly Andy Freeman shows up, and pat the man's shoulder. “Thank you, admiral.”

Andy turned to the audience and said, “Ladies and gentlemen, many of you are already know the purpose of our conference. Actually, they funded our project in billions of dollars. They deserve their seats.”

He stopped talking and looked away for a moment, and then he continued. “The space station is completed.”

“Space station!” The word repeated came from many lips.

Andy raise his voice and say, “Calm down. I will

Explain everything to those who are hearing about the project for the first time . But let me first tell you why we built this station. Five years ago, our scientists discovered a huge asteroid heading toward Earth. There is no chance to avoid this disaster.”

“Oh,no.” A woman started crying.

Sarah felt her heart rate increase. She wondered is he telling the truth. A giant space station pictures begin to appear on the screen behind him. Andy turned his head to look at the pictures for a second and then said, “The Salvation, It's orbiting around Earth right now. Once we knew about the asteroid, the government set a plan to save the humankind’s existence. When the asteroid hit Earth it will threw dust in to the atmosphere and cut off sunlight from reaching Earth’s surface and that will lead the extinction of all creatures in this world. The scientists estimated earth will recover and be renewed after nine years from the impact. A few lucky people will be on Hibernate at The Salvation during this time until they returned to Earth to continue mankind story. Those people are you and we will join many groups forming now from every part in our own country.”

Sarah found herself thinking about millions of people around the world and she stood up and said, “Millions of souls will die.”

A fat man sitting not far from her, laughed and said, “We can't do anything to them. I bought my ticket.”

She felt disgusted by him and turned her head back to Andy. He was looking at her, a smile on his face. “Sarah, the Earth must survive.”

She found herself saying sharply. “Andy, you were a caring person in the past.”

He pulled his eyes away from her and said, “The time is running out and we all have three months left to live. Earth after the disaster needs scientists of different disciplines, doctors, engineers and leaders. You have been chosen and you are free to refuse, but there is a procedure that must be followed, anyone who refused to join the project should be kept at a base so he do not spread the news and he will be released at the right time. As for the collaborators, there is a lot of work ahead of us, Some of you will send to the space station within a few days, the rest of you will join the chosen's from our country at the ground station located in Hawaii. Good luck, everyone.”

The people started to leave their seats and following the organizers. Sarah was thinking, breathing fast and closing her eyes. She felt someone sit down beside her. She opened her eyes and turned to him. He was smiling a smile she remembered from university. He started speaking, “You did not change at all. The smartest girl with a sharp temper.”

Sarah started laughing and punched him lightly in the shoulder. Andy was her sister's fiancé and they were

Supposed to marry after their graduation, but Emilia had been killed in a car crash. That accident had almost broken him and she didn't hear from him since that time.

“Sarah, you have to accept the offer. Emilia if she was here among us, she will be happy for you.” Andy said.

He took a deep breath and said, “It is a golden ticket and there are many people that will pay a fortune to buy my ticket.”

She looked at him in amazement and said, “Your ticket!”

He said, without turning his head. “Sarah, I have a serious illness and my doctor told me that I had 10 months to live. I shall be very glad if you take my ticket.”

Two tears started to slide down her cheeks, before she spoke again. “I'm so sorry.”

He got up and said, “I have a lot of things to do. Don’t waste the time; you must get the fly to the space station next week.”

He walked down the hall’s steps and waved his hand. “I wish you long life.”

Chapter 3​

The waves hitting the rocky coast below, standing there against the wind, and his hair billowing behind. He looked at the sky, a heavy clouds passing far away from the island. This island and the other eight volcanic islands overlook a break between the clouds that covering the sky in every direction. The man was in his early thirties, has black hair, brown eyes with a mole on the right side of his forehead. He turned his head and said, “Kodi, don't you find it strange that Azores is the only place on earth where the Sun's light waves hit the surface.”

Kodi moves forward spinning his wheels, stopping beside him. “James, we’re not going to talk about this again.”

James started laughing and tapped on Kodi’s head. “You cared about me you rusty robot.”

“Why you want to go beyond the island. You almost got yourself killed last time.” Kodi said.

“I want to know.” James said.

“I taught you everything you know.” Kodi said.

James picked up a pebble and throw it away. “I'm not talking about that.”

“What is more important than science, history and geology!” Kodi said.

James said in impatience. “Am I the last person on this planet?"

Kodi remained silent, beeping and flashing.

“You never did answer me.” James said.

“There is no human left out there.” Kodi said.

James laughed sarcastically. “Are you manipulating me? Don’t forget that you teach me how to composition of clauses, phrases and words in a natural language.”

“Yes, I did.” Kodi said.

“There is no one alive out there. But do you want to say there is another human on these islands?” James asked.

“You are human.” Kodi said.

James said sharply, “Except me.”

Kodi remained silent, beeping and flashing.

James picked up his bag and started walking. “Kodi, you're hiding something.”

Kodi moves forward spinning his wheels and said, “Robots can’t lie, or hiding something. Only instructions we have to follow.”

“I will give you a new instruction, to answer my previous question, I order you.” James said.

Kodi stopped, he analyzed it and said, “James, you can't change my program. All people who I programmed to serve were dead long ago.”

James objected with kodi. “You are here to serve me!”

“She changed my program.” Kodi said.

James looked at their shack, saying, “The woman in that grave that located on the north of the island.”

“Yes.” Kodi said.

James stared at distant hills. “The Last survivor of the space station crash.”

“You both survive at that time.” Kodi said.

James approached his goat’s fence and said, “Doctor Benjamin, she saved me, but died early.”

He turned to face Kodi and asked, “Why she changed your program?”

“I don't know, I am not allowed to ask.” Kodi said.

James sighed and said, “Kodi, you know, when you are going to die, I will be lonely again.”

“Robots can't die. I am simply going to shut off.” Kodi said.

James turned around and watched the trees and hills. “How these islands survived the disaster?”

“Doctor Benjamin told me that shortly after the impact a volcano erupted under the sea. It sent ash a miles into the air and mixed with the dust caused by the asteroid impact and because the ash is heavier than dust, it fell to the ground and made a break between the clouds.” Kodi said.

Suddenly lightning strike on the other side of the

Island. James tilted his head up, he said, wondering. “A lightning without thunder. That is impossible!”

“It better go inside the shack.” Kodi said.

James stared at the sunset and nodded his head. “You are right. There is something creepy about the lightning.”

He entered the shack and turned up the wick of an oil lamp. James sat in a tall back chair, stuck his foot on the table. He closed his eyes and tried to get some rest, but his ears catches voices. He said, smiling. “kodi, Are you talking to yourself!”

Silence hung over the place. He opened his eyes and looked around, but the shack was empty. James stood to his feet and said, “kodi, why you still out there in the dark.”

He heard a strange voice coming from outside, a light voice never heard before.

“Is there something wrong with your voice chip?”

He waited for him to reply, but the silence returned.

“What happened to this rusty robot?”

He moved around the table, and headed toward the door. “Kodi, I'm coming.”

Suddenly the door opened and a woman came in with a smile hovering on her lips and she said, “Hello, James.”

Chapter 4​

The spaceship is heading directly toward the break between the clouds. Sarah was holding the yoke steady with her both hands to keep the ship balanced. Kodi was shaking, silent, beeping and flashing. Inside his space suit, James was crying at the top of his voice.

“Just hold on, baby. We almost there.” Sarah said, biting her bottom lip.

She looked down through the break and saw an archipelago of nine islands. The Earth looked vibrant as before. The ground comes closer and closer and they can see clearly the trees and the plants. A flock of birds flew beside the plane and then turned in the opposite direction. Sarah decided to land on the largest island, which has an airport located in the west. While the ship was circling around the airport, it tilted dangerously. Sarah attempts to return the ship to the stability, but it was difficult with her poor flying skills. She started to panic and said in a worried voice. “I lost control. I will try to land near that hill.”

She pulled the yoke with all her strength until reached a suitable height and then she pushed the ship nose down. The space ship bounced violently, tearing up some trees and its tires digging deep grooves into the ground.

Sarah screamed. “Oh, God.”

After a few seconds, the ship slowed down more and more until it stopped. As the dust cleared and settled, the ship sank into a deep silence. Sarah remained on her seat, her chest was rising up and sinking down fast due to her tension. She turned to James to find him fell into a deep sleep. “No wonder, you're so tired after these horrible events.”

“Kodi at your service, Doctor Benjamin.”

Sarah undid her seat belt and stood up, saying, “Maybe it's not the right time to serve drinks.”

She slid open the door and stepped outside. The sunlight streaming through the trees and the birds stared at her on the branches. A rabbit runs away leaving his hidden in the bushes. Peacock screams heard from afar as if it warning the animals from the intruder. Sarah took a few steps on the grass and stopped, rotates her head in both directions. Kodi moves forward spinning his wheels, stopping beside her. She turned at him and said, “According to my gps system we are in Azores.”

“Azores.” Sarah mumbled.

She knelt to pick up a rock and stood, saying, “This rock has a strange shape.”

“It’s a volcanic rock.” Kodi said.

“How did get here?” Sarah asked.

Kodi starts beeping, flashing and then said, “Volcanic rock is a rock formed from lava erupted from a volcano.”

Sarah stared at the rock in her palm. “A volcano threw rocks at these islands years ago.”

She took a deep breath and said, “Fresh air at last. I wonder if there were any survivors.”

She turned to the ship and walked to get into. James woke up and looked up at her. She took him out of the space suit and holding him up, saying, “Hello, James. Welcome to your new home.”

She remained silent for a second, and then said, “Our new home.”

She handed the baby to Kodi. “Hold him for me. I will look if there are useful things that I can take.”

Sarah looked at the back end of the spaceship. There were three Hibernation Pods aboard and maybe it were left her because they didn't need it. There was a first aid kit on the wall. Sarah opened the kit, emptying its contents into a bag. “I hope we don't have to use it,” she said. “Okay, what else do we have here? Hand lamp … water battle … a knife.”

She had packed everything she had thought she would need into the bag and rolled it behind her back. Kodi was standing, holding James up and making a beeping sound, which made the baby laugh.

“Good, I found a babysitter for him.” Sarah said as she smiled.

They landed on the west of the island, specifically at a place called Rocha Do Cascalho.

Sarah said, adjusting her bag. “We need to start moving before nightfall and to find a shelter or we will sleep outdoors.”

They kept moving along the coast north-west, hoping they will find any survivors. After two hours of walking, they reached abandoned village covered with plants. Sarah stood in front of a sign that read Welcome to Feteiras. The pale colors of the houses shown beneath the thick covering of plants. Sarah and kodi walked along the village road, with a total silence surrounded them. Suddenly Sarah saw a human body, carved out of clay. She got closer and lets out a muffled scream. What seem like carved clay are actually a human dead body. She saw more volcanic rocks were in all parts of the village. She stared at the dead body and mumbled. “He died instantly from the heat caused by the volcanic eruption. The body turned to glass and preserved in a protective shell of ash and clay.”

When she turned her head, she saw more dead bodies. Sarah looked at Kodi and said, “It happened so fast that there was not enough time to escape.”

She started walking, saying, “Let's keep moving. We are heading north.”

Again, the rode in silence for more than three hours, until they reached a place called lagoa azul. The place rolling slope and spread down to a blue lagoon. Sarah stood on the edge of the lake, gazing out at the water.

Suddenly she saw it on the far shore, wrecked and sunk in the middle of the lake. “The Salvation It's here!” She exclaimed.

The space station built with the best available technology, used the rare earth metals, and cost hundreds of billions of dollars. Sarah brought back memories of a time when she was looking straight at the Earth through the window in the space station, watching the asteroid heading toward Earth. It was a huge about the size of a big city and started to glow red once it enters the atmosphere. The asteroid collided with the planet’s surface and the dust and debris thrown back in the atmosphere and blocked the Earth. Everyone remained silent for a long time and many of us started crying. We lost our planet, but one day we will be able to return and build a new history of civilization. A little later that day, the captain ordered getting into the Hibernation Pods. Sarah lifted her head up and her eyes met at a house up the hill. She turned at Kodi and said, “I think we found our house. Don't worry about the rent, It must be offered free of charge.”

They headed toward the house and walked through the door.

Sarah's Diary 12/04/2038:

Three months have passed since we had arrived at the island. I did a lot of research during the last days and I have a full picture of what happened here. Azores Islands had witnessed a great volcanic eruption. It appeared to be in the ocean about ten miles from here and it created another small island. There is no human left alive and the cities left in ruins. When the volcano erupted, it sent the ash miles into the air and mixed it with the dust caused by the asteroid impact. The ash is heavier than dust and it fell to the ground and made a break between the clouds. This break allowed the Sun's light waves to hit the surface. This is my perception of what has happened. We settled down and got used to our new life. Our small farm grown fruits and vegetables, for my little herd of goats, which I found, milking a goat, require some practice, but the result was fantastic, James loves the milk and the cheese made from goat's milk. I found a small truck, which it kept in good condition in a garage two miles away. The car battery was dead, so I decided to go to break into some shops in the town, the owners would not mind if I took some batteries, the dead don't mind at all.

Sarah's Diary 17/02/2039:

James is three years old now, and he is able to walk around the house with his mentant Kodi. Yes, this is the new duty which given to our robot. Kodi is doing so well and he began to teach him the alphabet. I have had strange thoughts lately, James and me the last man and female on earth. This is the kind of movie where we get married and fill the earth with our offspring, but that will not happen. Until I remembered, Albert and that gave me an idea. I laughed at myself, what you are trying to do; It's some kind of science fiction movie. These thoughts rounded in my mind for days. Yesterday, I went to the blue lagoon and looked at The Salvation. I know it was there, I put it there myself. I dived into the water, heading for the storeroom. I found the box with my name written on it. I am sitting in my chair reading it. The yellow file that belong to Albert Howard.

…………………… vibration

Chapter 5​

James just stood there, staring at her. A creature like him, but this thing looks different than him. Her body is weaker and no beard on her face. Kodi entered the house, spinning his wheels. James pointed his fingers at her and said, “Kodi, which creature is this. It’s talk like a parrot!”

“What you are seeing is a human female.” Kodi said.

James looked her up and down. “We are totally different from each other.”

“My name is Sarah. I know a lot about you, James.”

Sarah took a few more steps and stood. “Your house is more beautiful than mine.”

She turned to Kodi, and said, “I can see you had taught him a lot of things.”

James eyes searching them both. “Kodi, do you know her?”

Kodi remained silent, beeping and flashing.

Sarah leaned against the window, and asked, “Did you explored what beyond the island?”

James nodded his head and said, “I had visited all the islands of the Azores archipelago.”

Sarah crossed her arms over her chest, “I didn't have time to do that.”

She sat down in the chair and said, “What did you find there?”

James looked at her for a few seconds and said, “I haven't found you.”

Sarah looked straight into his eyes, and then she glanced down at the ground. He narrowed his eyes, as he got closer. “Where did you come?” he asked. “Are there more of you outside the islands?”

Sarah smiled faintly. “I'm like you. A lonely woman on this island.”

“I didn't see you before,” James said. “Why are you hiding?"

“I'm always here, but I never got the chance to meet you.” Sarah said.

“It's a strange feeling to speak with a human just like me.” James said.

He turned to Kodi and said, “His talks were always logical.”

Sarah laughed and said, “Robot show you if the values can be true or false.”

“He is always visit The Salvation. I think he is missing the space station.”

Sarah knotted her eyebrows. “This is not in his program. In my future that not yet come, I gave him a task to do, but why?”

Suddenly, she placed her head with both hands and got up from the chair. Her fingers lighting sparks.

The lightning sparks spread all along her body. “It began bringing me back. I must work on the time needed to stay longer on this present.”

She forced herself to walk, tottering, holding the door handle and went outside, slammed the door behind her. James rushed after her, but before he could reach the door, he heard the explosion of a lightning strike.

“It is the same sound again!” James said.

He got out of the house and looked around for her, but she was gone. “How she could disappeared that fast?” James mumbled, staring in the dark.

Two days later:

James was milking the goats and cleaning out the barn when he heard the lightning strike again. He raised his head as he looked to the north side of the island. He threw the manure fork aside, saying, “The lightning girl, she is coming.”

James walked quickly that way, stepping through the tall grass and walking among plants, brushing aside the twigs with his hands. Then he saw her coming out from behind a big tree. Sarah waved and smiled as she walked towards him. James looked down at the bag she carried. Sarah continues walking, passing him and said, “I have decided to stay here, if you don't mind.”

He took her bag from her hands and smiled, saying, “No more hiding.”

“Those days are over. We can create a new history.” Sarah said.

“I thought that humanity would end in my death.” James said.

“We can't predict the future, but we can be part of it.” Sarah said.

When she saw Kodi, she rushed and hugged him. “Kodi, I made it, I fixed it and now it works fine.”

James asked, looking at them both. “What have you been saying to him? He is flashing as if he looks happy.”

Sarah's Diary 25/10/2070:

Four months had passed since we had been married. Kodi had taught him the most important thing in his life, to get married and make family. I used the fertility drug, which have been giving to us in the space station to increase the chances of having twins when we return to Earth. I am now two months pregnant and the time is approaching for my return. Soon, James will understand everything, but I will not be here to tell him everything. Kodi will guide him to the place where I kept them all the past years. My fingers lighting sparks, the time had come to leave. I can imagine him entering the door quickly after hearing the explosion of the lightning strike. I wish ………………………………………….. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

Chapter 6​

Sarah was busy with connecting wires and monitoring a screen. She turned and looked at a white goat. “Are you ready for this?”

The goat began to ruminate and her ears thrusted forward. Sarah sat down in the chair and ran her finger over tablet screen. “Albert’s Oscilloscope had been completed. After eleven attempts, I hope I succeed this time.”

Kodi was beeping and flashing. He moves forward spinning his wheels. “The other goat in the barn.”

“Thank you, Kodi. The device tracked the vibration signal for the other goat, 10 minutes in the future,” Sarah said. “We can start now.”

She looked at the white goat in the transporter pod and Set the timer for 15 seconds. The countdown started, 15 14 …12 …8 …4 …1 and the goat disappeared.

“The device is working.” She said happily, and rushed toward the barn, standing behind the fence and checking her watch. The next ten minutes passed in silence, and the white goat did not appear at the barn. Suddenly a lightning strike somewhere nearby. Sarah stared in the direction of the sound and then she turned her eyes back to the barn.

“The experiment failed. I have to give up.” She said in disappointment.

Sarah turns slowly around and starts walking back to

The house, and then she heard a voice coming toward her. “Baa, baa, baa”

Sarah jumped with joy when she saw the white goat running to the barn. “It's working. Albert’s device working.”

Sarah opened the barn door and let the goat in. She stood there, observing and recording the behavior. After minutes, the goat starts doing crazy things. Sarah stopped recording and stared at the goat. There was lighting sparks spread all along the goat’s body and suddenly, she heard an explosion of a lightning strike and the goat vanished.

“If you travel to the future, you need to spend more time on that present,” Sarah said. “I will work on it.”

She entered the house and looked at the goat in the transporter pod. “I can do it.” She said and started working on the device.

Sarah's Diary 19/05/2040:

Ten months had passed since I had returned from my second trip to the future. The twins are sleeping in the house with Kodi. The sun is warm, today and the weather is lovely. My body has the same signs that caused the death of the white goat. The effects of time travel on the cell, has been confirmed. I had just a few days to live, or months. The place is ready for them with all the needed equipment. James, you are now reading this yourself. Follow Kodi, and he will guide where to go. I have modified his program to take on new tasks.

………………… Take care of them.


James closed Sarah’s Diary and looked at Kodi. He took a few more steps into the room, which survived at The Salvation. He said, looking at the Hibernation Pods. “I felt very sad when she left suddenly, but I understand everything now.”

James looked at the small bodies in the pods and asked, “What is the names given to them?”

Kodi said, his eyes bright, flashing, “Adam and Eve.”



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I’m even newer to critiquing than I am to writing, so bear with me please.

I noticed quite a few overused words. For example, “she” is used nine times in the first paragraph. I am also left wondering if there is some deeper meaning to the hyphen you put into the word unconscious?

Have you tried reading this out loud to yourself? I would start there. It is sometimes surprising how our ears can pick up on the things our eyes didn’t see. It’ll help a lot in catching overused words, and those that don’t belong, as well as the overall flow. Record yourself reading it. Then play it back.

Once you’ve done that, run it through a spell check, and clean it up some. Then maybe post it again.

There is a lot of story there, just needs some more love and care.
Thank for your time to read it Naj
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