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Hey there!My name is Sarah and I'm so glad I found this forum. I've been writing songs for years and have decided to have a go at writing..Anyway I've been blogging on Myspace for a while and here's a snipet.

Bricks,Jealousy and Suicide.

Tonight over my mother's fantastically tasty and familiar curry my mother anounces that she has nothing to look forward to so therefore she's thinking of killing herself. Hmmmm okaaay....My parents have just come back from a cruise to New Caledonia.It was on the cruise that my mother had the epiphany of jumping overboard.She didn't go through with it though.I said she could have planned it a whole lot better because the waters of the south pacific aren't cold enough to kill her.If she'd jumped overboard the crew would have saved her pretty quickly anyway.I then went on to tell her about how Sylvia Plath killed herself.My mother became despondent at the fact that her oven is electric.Not gas.My mother has always been a very emotional person.I get it from her.And so this outburst came not so much as a surprise but more like a next chapter.The last time she had an outburst such as this she went to Italy,France,the UK,learnt how to read tarot cards and became a reiki master.So she was pretty busy.I told her that if I happen to like anyone enough to marry them she'd have a wedding to look forward to so then she wouldn't have to kill herself.She told me I'd better marry a rich man so then I can go on cruises my whole life,eat lobster every day and never have to work.She then went on to tell me about my Auntie Carrie.
Auntie Carrie was a jew who married a christian.He was not rich.Her husband was not into gambling,women or horses either.He was a church man.Devout.He spent all his time and a fair amount of money in church.One day Auntie Carrie became so enraged and jealous with the church that she threw a brick through one of the stain glass windows.Right in the middle of a sermon.I'm impressed by her level or impulsivness and audacity at this point.Auntie Carrie also told my mother she had a big nose.My mother was about eight or nine at the time.Auntie Carrie was always outspoken.But I thought it was a bit much to tell a little girl that she had a big nose.My mother ended up getting a nose job in 1993.
So the point of this post? Always marry a rich athiest.
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Thanks guys!! I was checking in here everyday hoping that this forum had not expired!! I'm so glad it's back!:flower: