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Vestiges of Constellations Gone (1 Viewer)


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Vestiges of Constellations Gone

Follow a ripple as day dies and stars rain down—
Trace the ripple, constellations of firefly rounds,
an old lullaby of wings that pierces dense night.
Firefly light. Firefly bright. Firefly must take flight.
-------------------In a ripple, Guardian of Deeping Sound

Bug by bug, bright by light, together are bound
until it appears, the lored Door of the Drowned.
Two jet eyes glittered, beetle bright at the sight
as from the pool’s heart she appeared, this light
--------------------------- Guardian born of stars rained down—

Touch the ripple, constellations—stories bound,
among them, Firefly, Guard of Deeping Sound.
Firefly bright, Firefly, a Fox made of firefly light.
Go deep, where no light should be, find the bright,
the Fox entrusted with the key to Deeping Sound.
------------------------------Firefly, made of stars now drowned.


Staff member
this is a well executed poem- a skillfully done rhyme scheme all the way through. a lyrical delight, it glides off the tongue. Impressive...