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Very proud that one of my martial art students Sarah-Marie Baumgartner is speaking at a survivors of domestic abuse event.


Tune in to Rise Up Against Violence, featuring :

Sarah-Marie survived 16 years long DV from her ex-husband. She is also a cancer survivor and working mom as a nurse.

[ link removed ]

Sarah-Marie is the founder and CEO of M.A.P.S. Project Defense, which focuses on trauma-informed self-defense for violence survivors. She currently volunteers with Break The Silence Against Domestic Violence, an internationally known organization whose mission is to give victims and put an end to domestic violence.

* M.A.P.S. Project: [ link removed ]

* Document the abuse legally: [ link removed ]

* Break The Silence Against Domestic Violence: [ link removed ]

- Discover how women are fighting against violence!

- Get advice from the world's top 26 self-defense experts!

- Host, KINKO Hamilton
[email protected]
Website: [ link removed ]