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Very cool! (if you like comics; article from Wired.com) (1 Viewer)


Senior Member
I was doing some reading on the Wired.com site and saw this:
Review: Talking With Gods Bows Down to Comics Immortal Grant Morrison

After 30 years of mind-wiping work, an irrepressible comics auteur gets a career-spanning close-up in Patrick Meaney’s documentary Grant Morrison: Talking With Gods.

The feature film presents Morrison — the soft-spoken writer of indispensable comics like The Invisibles, We3, All-Star Superman and Batman, Inc. — as a tireless experiential sponge in search of peace of mind and spirit.
Here is the article: Review: Talking With Gods Bows Down to Comics Immortal Grant Morrison | Underwire | Wired.com

Wow, pretty cool! A movie about Grant Morrison! :)

Amber Leaf

Senior Member
Hmm... The trailer for it did seem to have a lot of him seemingly showing off his castle (possibly other stuff but the castle stuck out the most). His comics are works of art and have kept me entertained lots but not sure how interesting it would be to watch a film about him. Maybe if he wrote an autobiography....